Tuesday, September 7, 2021

A shocking development in 7D2D!

Recently I progressed my game in 7 Days to Die to the point where I was absolutely swimming in cash and had already purchased a minibike, motorcycle, truck, and gyrocopter. What's a guy in the apocolypse going to do with all that cash . . . buy more bullets?  Yes . . . that . . . AND, that guy is also going to buy solar cells from Trader Joes for absolutely insane prices. What's 48k for a solar cell anyway . . .

...and really it all made sense since I had already gone so far down the intellect tree for stun batons and robotics. Right? I might as well keep on going down the list and max out Advanced Engineering so I could craft advanced traps and stuff. 

Max Engineering

Before I knew it, I had wired up an electric fence around 1/3 of my house. As it turns out, the most difficult part of the process was figuring out that I needed to use a battery bank that interfaced between the solar panels and the wires so I could have electricity running at night. To be extra sure it all worked, I also hooked up a gas powered generator alongside it, and voila . . . the power of electricity was MINE! mUHAHhahahHAHA!

A power station on top of the roof sounds a totally safe thing to do

So when my 112th day rolled around (16th blood moon), I was terribly excited to try out my new electric fence on the invading zombies. It was surprisingly effective on the taller zombies ... not so much for the short ones. For my second attempt I may need to dig a trench and wire up a second layer that will catch the little guys like zombie dogs and the creepy ground crawler guy.

Check it out! I videotaped my blood moon experience.  It was headshot city with that electric fence active!

The one thing I didn't get working yet was my shotgun turret I had set up on one corner of my perimeter.  I think I didn't lock the ammo?  I could see the turret locking on and targeting things, but it never fired. *shrug*  I know it seems strange that an advanced engineer could be doing something wrong, but I could be doing something wrong.

Here's to my 119th day!  I'm looking forward to hooking up more traps and turrets.

Happy Dueling!

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