Monday, August 3, 2020

Ding 70 Spirit Fox: This is not a fake fur emergency!

Yes. This happened over the weekend. I hit the magical number of 70 Spirit Fox in Project Gorgon and stared down at the price tag of unlocking levels 70-80.

This is now the fourth time I've hit 70 in a combat skill in Project Gorgon. It's really a do or die time for a combat skill. Do I love it enough to keep going, or am I jumping ship for something else?  The price tag shock never gets any easier for me. Three Hundred and . . . Forty-Eight . . . THOUSAND councils?


It's a true moment of panic where you look at what you got and then make the decision to:

  1. Hold a clearance sale of all the junk you've been holding on to for a rainy day.
  2. Complete all the Fae Realm elite quests you possibly can
  3. Complete every daily there is
  4. Max out all the vendors in every zone
  5. Resist the urge to spend your money on any other skill, potion, or nice to have item.
With a small yet noticeable bead of sweat coming down my face on late Saturday night, I paid the bill to the big green fae panther NPC in the Fae Realm and unlocked levels 71-80. whew.

The gathering of money was probably the most notable thing that happened while leveling 60-70.  Other than that, it was leveling as usual.  I was leveling in the Wolf Caves, in the Fae Realm, and in Gazluk and Illmari per standard.

Oh! I was also simultaneously leveling that new necro rat pet of mine.  We were both a little gimpy at this point to be honest (and believe me, it was tempting not to break out my max-bonded and max-leveled fire rat pet), but we made it work . . . together.

He's now right there with me at level 70 and ready to make the ride to 80 as well.

Love you little necro rat buddy! Now hi ho Necro Rat, AWAY!

Now if I could only teach him tricks!

This time while leveling up to 80, I'll also be collecting all the ingredients I need to craft the perfect set of leather gear. With any luck, my Guild Master will soon have a perfect set of uber armor for me, and I can really see if the necro rat AH / Spirt Fox dark damage build is as fun as I'm hoping it will be.

I'll see you at level 80 and hopefully have a full report on all the ins and outs. Wish me luck, I'll need it for that max enchanted leather gear.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

you didn't post the pic of two foxy friends

Tipa said...

This is the spirit fox riding a necro rat picture I needed to see just now.