Sunday, August 2, 2020

Promptapalooza: A Multitude of Mixed Media Memories

Today's post comes from Mailvaltar and it's all about Media that's shaped his worldview. It's a fantastic post, and what I came to learn is that he and I share a lot of similarities being children of the 70's. (I've got 5 years on him, but still . . . radio playing in the house, getting a tape deck all your own, the influence of Star Wars, comic books, etc.)

I started thinking back to when I was a kid and immediately the movie that came to my mind was a story of an 8-year-old lost in the desert called Dirkie. I'll always remember watching that free matinee with my friends. It was a different time and we were all too young to be there by ourselves, but there we were . . . I couldn't have been much older than 8 myself. It's kind of amazing that parents used to just dump their kids off at the movies like that with little to no supervision.

This movie was devastating to me and played on all the right fears.  In essence, it's a plane crash resulting in a dangerous solitude in the Kalahari Desert with no one to help you but yourself . . . and the only companionship you have is a small dog who's even more needy than you are.

If you're up for a 1969 flick . . . here you go! LOL

Mailvaltar's post also reminded me of when I went to see Star Wars with my mom. We came late to the first viewing and just stayed in our seats for the second viewing . . . both of us were completely blown away. Over the next few releases, it kinda became our "thing" to go see these movies together.

There's another movie out there somewhere that will always be a mystery to me.  Following our bonding moment after Star Wars, my mom tried to take me to another "futuristic" movie that ended up being a little too violent for my mom's tastes, and we left the theater after just a few minutes into it.

I brought this story up to my mom later when I was in my 20's and video rentals were all the rage. Neither of us could remember the name of the movie, and for a while it turned into a crusade to see if we could find it . . . to no avail, but because of this I've seen a lot of weird post-apocalyptic 80's flicks that feature guys on motorbikes.  (This hidden mystery film may or may not be Warriors of the Wastelands aka The New Barbarians . . . but mom and I remember things a bit differently.)

Maybe someday I'll find it, and HEY . . . if you happen to know of any movies that fit the bill for the above description, leave it in the comments below!

Happy Dueling!

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Mailvaltar said...

Thanks for your kind words, kid of the seventies. :-)

Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I've never watched that biker movie, so I'll not be able to help with that.