Monday, August 3, 2020

Promptapalooza: The Underrated Donut Adventure

Today's promptapalooza "master prompt" comes from Contains Moderate Peril, and the topic at hand is "What type of content do you feel is severely underrated?"

Roger talks about three types of blog posts that have helped further along the post count and kept his and others readers entertained: recurring posts, personal posts, and multimedia posts. It has some really well thought out points!  You should check it out.  A particular line that struck me was this:
“you are your own brand” whether you like it or not, this becomes one of the reasons your readers relate to you. Therefore I think the occasional, well considered personal post can be invaluable in connecting with your audience.
I haven't ever really used my blog for posts that I've felt were probably more appropriate for Facebook or Twitter, but you know what . . . I probably should have.

For example, when we moved to Texas, I started a series of picture posts on Facebook surrounding the amazing amount of donut shops that the Greater Austin area has to offer.  My children and I would happily sing "SATURDAY MORNING DONUT ADVENTUREEEEEEEEEE!!!" in the car and rush off to some random donut shop.

Later that day I'd hop on Facebook and post a few pictures from the adventure and give a little mini-review.  To a few of my Facebook friends' wives I became known as "The donut guy" because of this. (I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.)

Wow . . . these kids have really grown up since this picture was taken

We haven't been on a Saturday Donut Adventure in a couple years . . . now we have our favorites that we tend to gravitate to and don't venture out as much (especially since Covid hit). Why go anywhere else besides the infamous Round Rock Donuts as featured on Man v Food?

Perhaps I have been missing a bit of that personal flair on my blog.  You've come for the video game nonsense, but maybe you'll stay because I'm a big goof and a little sugary like a donut.

 Happy Dueling!

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Roger Edwards said...

And this is why I especially like "personal posts". This is the sort of anecdote that makes blogging a more friendly experience.