Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Project Gorgon: Feeling Directionless and Finding Direction

So here we are!  I'm max level in Spirit Fox and Animal Handling, and I'm as happy as can be! But . . . um . . . what do I do next? And what could I possibly write about that you could possibly find interesting? I don't know, and that's kind of a problem.

Lemme just ramble a bit . . .

I can't do it again. Not yet.
I don't really have the drive to level another battle skill to 80 . . . at least not yet. ProfessorCat (one of the best Project Gorgon players out there) doesn't have a problem with this like I do.  I respect the guy a ton.  He loves to level all the combat skills and it's helped him become extremely knowledgeable about the game. I saw on the forums that he had a pretty sexy combination for Necromancy and Animal Handling, and it made me kind of want to try and level necromancy a bit.

I tried. Honestly. I equipped the skill and started grinding the same mobs I'd been grinding to get spirit fox to 80, and . . . I just started to fall asleep at the wheel! 

I guess just fresh off of a grind to 80 I found the whole experience to be a little boring. It's going to take a while for me to forget the pains so I can attempt this again.

I'm afraid things are going to change? Maybe that's good?
The Spirit Fox is in its "alpha" phase so-to-speak. The developers said that things will be changing on the class in the near future, and there are some oversights: there's currently no "beast speech" for the class, there's no alchemy damage boost potion, there's no synergy levels, higher qualities of Bounceweed don't have movement benefits, some of the skills behave a little strangely . . . I'm sure things will change. 

The question is, will they change for the worse and make me want to level a different skill? Idk. There's nothing like a good round of nerfs to make you want to jump ship to something else.

NAH . . . I love my float-y spirit fox too much.

I have secretly commissioned an artist for some project gorgon inspired fan art that I can't wait to show everyone in the near future. *squeals with joy* 

What to do . . . What to do . . .
Unfortunately I have to keep a very good beat of Ice Fishing going thanks to my Bounceweed addiction. I never thought I'd need this many fishscales, dirt, and grass. I've been farming it like crazy trying to stay ahead of the Bounceweed addiction curve. only the lowest level of Bounceweed is currently giving the correct movement speed benefits (I mean, it may be this way for all animal classes, but this is my first I've actually leveled), so it's the one I have to concentrate on, that means farming lower level undead for dirt, ice fishing twice a day for fish scales, and grabbing haystacks or killing rhinos in FR for grass.  Bounceweed . . . I can't live without it.

What is this crazy design on the Ice fishing traps anyway? Looks bounceweed inspired . . .

I've taken to doing the Lakrea quests as a side activity.  Lakrea is an NPC in Rahu that gives some seriously crazy quests like . . . go stand in a sandstorm, make some yarn balls, bury canines, drink 20 bottles of water, etc, but those quests give these really great potions that give you exp in random skills. You can only take one of her "holistic wellness" quests once every hour, so . . . log on, quest, log off.

Whether to drink or to sell . . . that is the question!

Also, once every 24 hours, I can also farm those stupid glowy crystals I talked about before and then every few days, turn all my semi-real Hassium into superb ore. It brings in a nice flow of cash.  Farming . . . it's the lifeblood of the MMO player.

Then there's just regular, old NPC favor quests. I've got a ton in my backlog. last weekend I cleared out a whole set of old quests in Kur . . . only to discover more quests waiting for me.  It's something to do! not a bad thing at all.

Cavefish in trade for flowers?  I'll take it!

Unfortunately this is all kind of headed to the way of running a schedule in game, which I fear may lead to more . . .  dun dun dun . . . boredom. 

Hit the dungeons!
Weekends are a great time to hit the dungeons in P:G. Lots of people are on in the guild, lots of random people are running things like GK for money.  You load up on gear, sell it to all the random vendors, and start all over again.

7,615 + 474 + 7082 + 467 = 15,638 damage in my pocket gear . . . I CAN DO BETTER!

I did find that I can solo the entrance to the Labyrinth quite well . . . so there is that, but even Lab entrance tends to get busy.

Hopefully by the end of the month we'll have a brand new level 80 dungeon to explore! Then things will REALLY get crowded and interesting.

Drop the fox, hit the crafts?
I really don't want to drop my fox curse. I wouldn't mind being a fox forever in Project Gorgon!  The only bad thing?  No hands = no crafting. I mean, I can mine and garden and cook, but I can't harvest wood or make chairs or even sit in them.

I did really enjoyed giving one of our new guildies some pancakes the other day.  How often is it that a fox makes you pancakes?  

Thanks for that image, nutella!

In summary?
I really am feeling a bit directionless currently. I'm still playing, and I'm still happy with the game . . . just feeling a little bit like a leaf in the wind? Hopefully I can get my footing back soon. Any suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments.

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

I'm just a little shocked that necromancer wasn't your FIRST job to 80. Was it just not available?

I mean it seems like it should be a moral imperative here.

Stingite said...

It really does, but you have to clear a dungeon to unlock the skill and I was already knee deep in animal handling and (i think) fire magic by the time I unlocked it, so I never leveled the amazing necromancer class. Maybe someday I'll get the drive again.