Saturday, July 3, 2010

How many hours does it take to beat the game?

Here's a question from the noob on the tube, who is "just ur regular free player on a 2 month gift card":
"How long (hours of play) should i spend on each world"?

Hmm. You know, I have no idea. It's kind of random. That's a hard question, that I really don't know a solid answer to.

BUT, if I was to come to a guess and make a recommendation, it would be this: 2 hours a day to beat the game in 2 months with no sidequests, spending 2.5 hours per area.

Here's how I came to that guess: It all hinges on the amount of time you get to play Wizard101 during the day. If you have multiple hours to play during the day, then you should be just fine taking on all the side quests in all the worlds. If you don't, then perhaps you'll only want to take on the story line quests in the world.

There are approximately 50 (or so) main storyline quests in each main world leading up to Malistaire (That's a rough guess with round numbers). Let's give you 30 minutes to complete each quest (some take less, some take more). That means that each world in the spiral should take you 1500 minutes (so around 25 hours) to complete the main story arc. Let's say each world averages 10 quest zones, that puts you at 2.5 hours per area, just doing main story quests.

With those maths it puts you at 125 hours of play time. Dividing that by 60 days means (sans interruptions, sans playing with your pets, sans hanging out, sans decorating your house, sans Grizzleheim, sans side quests including zeke quests) you should play a little more than 2 hours a day to beat the game in 2 months.

Now, the moment I hit the publish button you will start to see comments come in that either refute what I'm saying or agree with it. Probably mostly refute it. It's a really hard question and it's really subjective . . . it doesn't account for group set up, deck set up, interruptions, etc. (it doesn't account for a lot of things)

BUT I SHALL NOT FEAR THE PUBLISH BUTTON! You asked a question, I gave an answer. /shrug

You should read the comments. Someone in there might have a better guess than me.

Best of luck,

Happy Dueling!


Myrna Nightrider said...

ok i geddit!!
every world has different playing time... i'm saying that Mooshu takes about 2 hours to finish each street, Dragonspyre takes like well ... maybe 5 or 6 hours, Wizard City maybe 1 1/2 hours to finish one etc
you can't just say every world takes about 10 hours or something, you need to say like
wizard City has 4 street

Myrna Nightrider said...

sry my message randomly cut off :P continuing with it..
so it would take like 6 hours, then krok would be a diferent matter completely

Anonymous said...

That sounds reasonable. However, I don't subscribe, I buy Crowns. So for me, there are periods of a few days during which I have no quests and no Crowns.
Plus, the time might vary depending on if you're soloing or going with friends.

Fist of Fire said...

It depends. There have been groups of people doing records and stuff that have finished the game in less than 24 hours(using elixers, mounts, teleports,good teamwork etc). There have also been people that play for 6 months or more that haven't finished, but might have done stuff like pvp, crafting, side quests, farming etc along the way. It's up to you.

Wow that was a bit long

potroast42 said...

@fist of fire - that is definitely me! I've been playing for a year and a half (much of the time without a sub) and still don't have a grand... Currently i have a level 44 myth and a level 39 balance. If you're involved in any community site looking for information (especially the wiki), then double the playing time.

Myrna Nightrider said...

fist of fire
i'm saying the normal person who doesnt spend their life on the computer :P

Fist of Fire said...

I'm just saying there have been lots of different time lengths of how long people have completed the game. lol

It would probably take about 2-3 months.

dakota silverbane said...

you should ask my dad -_- i was playing the game a year before he was and i was lvl 16 when he leveled to 37. he is a life grandmaster while i'm a magus

Destiny StormStone said...

@matthew same with me! I've been playing for a little over a year and am only a level 46 storm. I didn't have any membership for awhile, plus I have multiple wizards all around level 25. If you are leveling multiple wizards at the same time, it takes longer for your main character to finish.

1Mudkip88 said...

Hey buddy, that's quite a question that you took on there, XD! I've been playing for about 11-12 months maybe. It's been a long time, and I'm still only lvl 49. (Very close, but it's taking forever. I hope that with the pre-quests I can get to grand.) I barely spend any time on my alts. (And by barely, I mean I havene't been on them since I made the post about them. Hehe.) ;D I've heard players have beaten the game in a little over a month. That just baffles me. I mean don't you have anything else to do? (Yeah, busy busy Blaze, I know, I know. XD)

I think I'll cut this off before I might as well just make a post about it on my blog. Lol.

@Myrna Wizard City has 5 streets. (Don't forget Colossus Boulevard. As much as you want to.)

potroast42 said...

Oh here's to help your ballpark number of quests. Total quests in each world (side and storyline)
WC - 214
KT - 161
MB - 131
MS - 136
DS - 90 (Don't have them all)
GH - 91 (Don't have them all)
We don't have everything recorded quite yet, but i hope this'll help.

chris greensong said...

well my friend nora drakerider (ice) beat krokotopia in a day with friends marleybone in like 2 days with friends and mooshu i think 2 or 3 and now she almost done dragonspyre!! i am SO amazed at how far she went in so little time! nora also has a grand storm named nora earth and she is a good friend :)

Seth Ghostrider said...

hmm what shocks me is i have a friend who has two accounts and has all grandmasters on one account(he is working on that on his other account)and can beat the game in like two or three days a person O. O

Anonymous said...

Heres what you do if you wanna get your life back. Tired of saying, "Oh, I wish there was something else I could do!" Or your parents saying "Get off that dang game!" Well here's a step by step thing on what to do. It makes your parents angry and makes you bored. Power level a noob to level 50 in under a week and then get him gear and stuff. Next thing you know you'll be saying "I have my life back!" and your parents will be saying "I think he/she deserves more allowance, he/she quit that, and it was like nicotine to them!" There you have it. I did it and I swear I'm happier now.

If you have fun with it though, keep playing! I prefer call of duty though :P.

Adam Cochran said...

Hmm thanks the friendly necromancer now I know how long it should take me to beat malistaire.

Anonymous said...

actually i know the answer of how long it takes to beat wizard101 even with avalon. the answer is a week. i have a friend that beat this game in a week. everytime i went on he went from level 1 to level 20 to level 35 to level 48 to level 55 to level 64 to level 72 and to 80 in a week. all of those levels are the levels from when i was playing everyday. and that could be a world record

Anonymous said...

Well, I started a storm wizard a day ago and now i am lvl 58 in zafaria if you stay commited and have one other friend you should finish in about and week

Carlos DragonHunter said...

The easiest way to level up a wizard is to have no other wizards and only focus on the one.

Unknown said...

Honestly, it all depends on how skilled you are at the game, but you pretty much learn everything you need to know by the time you hit Dragonspyre or Celestia. Here is my estimate on how long each world took for me:
Wizard City: 1-3 days

Krokotopia: 1-2 months

Marleybone: 3 days

Mooshu: 4-5 days

Dragonspyre: 2-3 weeks

Celestia:1 week

Zafaria: 3 days

Avalon: 2 weeks

Azteca: I am about halfway through Azteca right now, took me about 3-4 days to get this far.

With friends, skill, and time, you can get this done in about 3-5 months (yes, including Polaris). ;)

Daniel Soulweaver Lvl 83 Life Wizard

Unknown said...

Well I completed WC just about 6-8 hours same thing with Krok the next day and probably less with MB because that world is a lot shorter than others

Unknown said...

Do you have to go to these places once you finish an area. Im on MB and Ive been here for weeks.

Stingite said...

@LostShadows: Are you doing mainline quests or side quests too? A lot of people will just skip the side quests. But to answer your question, yup, you do all the worlds in order since it's a story based game there's really no way to skip a world.

Unknown said...

It took me 2 years to max my first necromancer at 110 because I took breaks up to 4 months at a time. I just recently started a new storm wizard, and with the help of my 110 death have finished all the way up to khrisilys in just under 3 weeks. This was done, while still doing craftig quests and seek quests and finishing all of grizzlehiem, wisteria, and doing all of Aquila( multiple runs on each dungeon), got 2 new pets up to epic, hatched, ad the. Got that pet up to ultra, and have done all 3 lvl 60 dungeons. The only answer to the question how long does it take to finish the whole game, all the way through the newest world of Polaris, also including completion of darkmoor, and farming for full darkmoor set, can only be answered by another question.... HOW COMMITTED ARE YOU!!!

Unknown said...

I know i am super super late but i maxed four wizards in 6 months level 125 storm balance fire and myth