Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FW: Failed to Load Instance Zone

This note just came across the news wire

-----Original Message-----

Access to Wizard Housing is temporarily unavailable.
You will receive the message Failed to Load Instance Zone if you attempt to
teleport to your Dorm, or Castle. Thank you for your patience, your houses
will be open again soon.


Bailey verified this problem getting into her house. Sounds like they are
aware of the problem. Looks like you'll have to run the long way to get
where you're going this morning. LOL.

Happy Dueling!


the Fearless Fire Wizard said...

hmm, i wonder if they are updating the homes... O:

the Fearless Fire Wizard said...

hmm, i wonder if they are improving the homes... O:

Fist of Fire said...

This may be a result of a bug that allowed people to steal house items and pets from houses. It's been a big problem, people losing pets and rare furniture.

Sierra Starsong said...

Not just the gate shortcuts, but we can't get into our banks or shared banks without housing. Watch your backpacks, folks, don't let them overflow.

Hopefully they're loading the Griz houses into the live servers.

Destiny StormStone said...

they're locking us out!!!

M.W.S said...


Anonymous said...

lol, like Fist of Fire said, it's prob cause of the steal/trade pets glitch, I have no idea how to do this ( which is a good thing ). I hope KI can fix it soon. Off the subject TFN one of my friends has a new blog you can add to your list @necromancer101.blogspot.com, thanks!

Anonymous said...

friendly, Kings isle put a lock down on houses on purpose. there are wizards out there who found a bug on how to steal/trade pets and steal all the furniture in others houses! Kings locked the houses so that nobody else would get pets stolen. they are working on putting a stop to the bug. this was confirmed from Kings isle support.

Thunderbird said...

Actually i believe they did this on purpose because of a recent bug that allows people to steal all items in the house at once. I'm not kidding, i can even tell you exactly how to do it.