Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why do they call me a noob?

Question here from Jessica GreenRiver:
I love your blog and I just wanted to ask you a question about Wiz

Lately I've noticed how I've been called a noob by some Grandmasters.

This makes no sense to me because I'm a level 38 and I don't go around breaking feints with wand spells (or anything like that). I don't annoy them but they just come up to me and call me a noob. I just don't get why some Grands do that...Some advice please?
Let's see . . . hmmmm . . . why are they calling you a noob . . . hmmmmm.

I think it's because they have a need to feel superior because in real life they smell, have no friends, and get spanked by their mommy when their fat, little fingers steal cookies from the pantry.

Don't let them get to you. At Level 38 you can help out high level combat in all kinds of ways. Remember when I had my level 20 myth wizard tank Malistaire for my storm wizard? Yeah, you're no noob at level 38. They're just trying to scare you off or make themselves feel superior.

Unfortunately, you're not going to win if you get in an argument with these types of people. You gotta just let the comments go, and just know that some of the strongest spells we have in the game were given to us at level 10 and lower . . . shields. You should arm yourself with mental shields against their noobie comments as well. Anytime you join a fight with someone like this, just imagine yourself casting a noobie comment shield or two or five. They can't break into you with their noobie comment spells!

Be strong!

Happy Dueling!


A. said...

Ooh rah!

Anonymous said...

That's disrespectful. Besides, they aren't even smart enough to know the real definition. As read from the urban dictionary, it states that a noob is someone who is a low level and annoys people. They said not to confuse it with "newb" which is an inexperienced player who is mature and chooses to strive towards a higher level. Don't let them get to you! Noobs can also be rude or annoying people. They're the noobs for saying that!

Johnist said...

um.. Sorry to say this, but was she in an area she didn't belong and around people who hadn't invited her to be there? (Level 38 @ Plaza of Conquests w/o Proper Level Wizard watching over her?)

Was she wearing a 'Savior of the Spiral' badge? I know I call low levels on their disrespect of badges by wearing ones they cannot in any way actually have earned.

luke redblood said...

I hate when people call others noobs because they are lower levels. Everyone was a novice or a lower level wizard once so by calling others a noob, you are just insulting yourself