Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a member, how come I can't go to all the worlds?

I just received the following question from a reader named Winter.

I want to go to the
other worlds in the
spiral but when I
go in the big tree,
and i go to the
door, it only shows
Wizard City on the
map even when i
bought all the
world? Do you have
an answer for that?

Congratulations on becoming a subscriber! When you purchase the world with crowns or when you subscribe to the game it allows you to play Wizard101 content beyond Triton Avenue.

On the other hand, this means you've got a lot of work to do! You've got to complete those quests in each area as you advance from land to land. Completing the main storyline quests in Wizard City will earn you a key for Krokotopia. Completing the main storyline quests in Krokotopia will earn you a key for Marleybone, and so on until you have all the doors unlocked.

In the meantime, if you just want to *see* the other worlds of the spiral, you need to make some friends with a few people who can get you beyond the door. Sometimes you'll see people hanging out in front of the spiral door asking passerbys if they could become friends. Why? Once those people enter the spiral door, they'll port to their new friend on the other side to get a glimpse of the worlds earlier than they are meant to.

The game really is meant to be played in a way that you work through quests in every area before you move on to the next world of the spiral.

Buckle down and get those quests done, wizard student, and the spiral will fully reveal itself in time! Hours and hours of fun await!

Happy Dueling!


The Overachieving Necromancer said...

First Comment (lol) anyways i see way to many people talking about this on the fourums. Also, Thanks for visiting my website friendly!

Anonymous said...

I have a question to the friendly necromancer but it wont show up on the main screen. Ive been trying to convince my parents to by me crowns but they wont so i figured that the only way is to earn them by sending friend requests so i need help on telling me how to get a lot of crowns from sending friend requests. I also need help sending them. Can u help? my friend code is 88267-15125-14909-58000 thanks