Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grizzleheim Speculations

Let's speculate shall we?

Even though our model in the Grizzleheim pictures is wearing dragonspyre clothing, he is sporting a really cool looking fire stick.

That's got to be a grizzleheim weapon. I say good on them for bringing back the wands. I hope it has an awesome casting graphic, or I think people would rather stick with their swords.

**MYTHBUSTER ALERT! Elijah just let me in on the fact that the wand in this photo is the fire wand from mooshu. Thanks Elijah! MYTHBUSTER ALERT!**

Then again, you've all seen this graphic right here I'm sure.

Look at those weapons they're brandishing! I'd love to have a cool spear. I think it'd need to have a glow though.

And speaking of the above picture, it's mighty full of awesomeness: sword carrying bears, giant treant beasts, vultures reaking of death magic. Yup.

Notice how there are nine of them? Here's my second speculation. If Grizzleheim is anything like Krokotopia, Marleybone, and Dragonspyre, you will have three distinct areas with at least three sub-areas in each. Right?

- In Krokotopia you had Tomb of Storms, The Pyramid of the Sun, and the Krokosphinx.
- In Marleybone you had Scotland Yard, Digmoore Station, and the Royal Museum.
- In Dragonspyre you had the Atheneum, Dragonspyre Acadamy, and the Necropolis.

And each of those areas had around three or four subdivisions each.

What if what our graphic here is really showing are the nine major bosses from Grizzleheim? hmmm? hmmm?!

Well maybe that's enough speculation for one night.

I wonder if the level cap will be raised 5 or 10 levels? I'm hoping 10 levels with 2 more spells.

ok, ok . . . seriously, that's enough speculation from me.

Go ahead and leave your own Grizzleheim speculations in the comments.

Happy Dueling!


Shy said...

Personally I think this world is cool! I can't wait for the houses for Grizzleheim! This seems to be a really cool upcoming world.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Friendly, that's a MooShu fire wand from the MooShu wand shop. Lol. But I can't wait for Grizzleheim to come out, either!

Anonymous said...

Man, I gotta leave my name when I comment...

~Elijah StormHeart

Stingite said...

BAH! I was hoping for something cool.

Anonymous said...

Lol, yeah. However, I think they will have spears or axes or daggers or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and hmm... Look at that picture. Notice how three of the people in that picture turn around to face a bunch of menacing looking people. Here's a theory. The three people are the leader of each clan. Bear, Wolf, and Crow. The areas must be the camps of each tribe or something. And the menacing people are the major bosses! It fits pretty good. What do you think?

L. R. Jonté said...

I am so incredibly stoked for Grizzleheim! My second character (Necromancer) should be finished with DS just in time!

Anonymous said...

I really think i'll like this world, it looks awesome and filled with awesome ness! lol XD

OH, my wizard101 name is Lindsey GriffinTamer.

Quantize said...

Grizzleheim doesn't come after Dragonspyre. It's a side world that can be accessed at different levels on your quest from 1 to 50. Part of it is for free players as well.

Stingite said...

You're not the first person I've heard that from, Quantize. I think there's some truth to that. That's one thing that some other MMO's have over Wizard101 is that they are not *as* linear with side areas and different paths you can take. I like it. hmmm.