Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Housing Item of the Day--Nightshade Bones and Tiger Lily

It's a memorial day weekend special!

I was in kind of a hurry this morning, but Nightshade did cough up a few bones for me while I was running to grab a brain jar . . . how convenient!

So, yeah, I stopped by the graves. It was a good moment.

(Actually, I did put some flowers on a few graves this weekend in real life. Dropped by my dad's grave. My dad actually died a month before Amber Deathsong was born. He was a great man, and this was a holiday where for some reason he really liked to go all out on flowers for graves. I'm a bit more conservative, but I did go a little more overboard on flowers for his grave this year . . . I think I miss him and his guidance. I digress.)

The tiger lily can be acquired at the Mooshu shop! So I bought a couple of those for Nightshade's brain jar and bones. The only thing that would make this more perfect would be a tombstone from Sunken City. Maybe one of these days.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Happy Dueling!

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Isaiah Spelldust said...

I have the tiger lily. i get it on top of my krok dresser!