Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Of Gods and Monsters -- Season 28 of Brawl Stars

The Gods Versus Monsters update dropped in Brawl Stars, and it features a slew of new skins that have ye' olde Olympian flair. EMZ as Medusa is a pretty great skin, and that alone makes it a tempting battle pass to purchase.

Medusa EMZ! So much awesomeness!

For me, the only thing I've felt immediately compelled to purchase was the Goblin Carl skin. Carl has a special place in my heart,  mostly because my oldest child is studying to be a geologist, and that's carl's whole backstory. I don't' know if this was marked down in price because of the Gods Versus Monsters sale, but it was pretty cheap and a great improvement over your standard looking Carl skin, which is pretty bland.

Digging the diggy skin!

Also of note, a new season of ranked play happened at the same time as this update, and that means you can get some great unlocks for ranking up. For me that meant I got a lucky unlock of the Cobra Lola skin! To be honest, I really don't know if the cobra skin is more likely to manifest itself because of the Gods Versus Monsters update, but it does seem pretty in line with the theme of the event.

Having a hissy fit as Cobra Lola

I wish there was a mode of play that came with this event. Probably one of the best seasons I've seen was two seasons ago where everything was Godzilla themed. Not only was the theme fun, but they also threw in a new game mode for you to play where you could BE Godzilla, destroying the other players' town. Although, it was debatable if people actually liked this mode.

My finger keeps hovering over the buy button on this one, but I haven't quite committed to the seven dollar price tag . . . mainly because I just bought Baulder's Gate and a whole slew of VR games with a Humble Bundle deal.  I have an invisible gaming budget that I might have already overspent on during the month. Wish my wallet the best of luck!

Happy Dueling!

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