Monday, July 8, 2024

Finally . . . a Baulder's Gate 3 post . . .

Look. I get it. Y'all were playing Baulder's Gate 3 like 11 months ago, but this thing just went on sale on Steam for 20% off and my buddy, Dylan (heretofore known as Moonstar), was like . . . Tom, let's freaking play Baulder's Gate 3! 

Ahh, Avantador!  It's good to finally see you in 3D!

The first thing I needed to do was recreate my Dragonborn Bard, Avantador . . . to this day he's one of my favorite characters I've ever made in D&D. I used to write about him a lot on my little D&D side blog. It's super wholesome . . . unlike the next thing you're about to see.

I feel dirty . . . make the images go away

Because the second thing I needed to do, was a Gith Skanky. Yes, BG3 is a mature-rated game. You've been warned.

I'll never fully recover from this . . .

Now that I've got those two things out of the way, I can play some D&D!

Moonstar and Avantador have been tearing things up and making a lot of bad choices over the past 14 hours of playtime. We almost TPK'd in a goblin village by trying to free a gnome tied to a windmill, but through the magic of zoning, free rez scrolls, and some kiting, we managed to pull through. Whew. We must have wasted 2 to 3 hours just figuring out how we were going to survive that.

After figuring out the magic of "saving often," we then somehow stumbled our way into the Underdark, and after a scary encounter with a Bullete, we jogged into a group of myconids that were ready to bestow upon us all the honorary titles we wanted as long as we were murdering all their enemies along the way.

Dance Myconids, Dance!

Yesterday we struggled and barely pulled out from an encounter with a particularly nefarious Drow named Nere. Some gnomes had to be sacrificed, we had to feign allying with him for a time, and then ultimately we just let the poor sap be the tank for us and die at the hands of the Druegar. Pretty much everyone died but us, and we were limping along with all our resources expended.  It took us 4 maybe 5 tries to get it to play out correctly. We probably should have come back later when we were at the appropriate level? It was super intense.

Handing over the head to the king

Anyway, one of the great things about waiting 11 months to write about a popular game is that I feel guilt-free about writing spoilers. Everyone who's played it knows the main plot by now. It's a campaign world adventure.  You probably won't run it exactly the same every time you play through it, but the fact remains that you have a mind flayer worm in your head and you need to get it out no matter how many times you're going to play it. I'm ok with that, it's just not an epic MMO adventure with several starting points that differ. 

On the other hand, everyone's journey will differ. It's a huge sprawling campaign setting that so far has been a lot of fun journeying through. It's basically D&D 5e with small twists here and there. Moonstar and I are certainly having fun with it!

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

Geez, almost through Act I! That took me days first time, and longer the second time because of everything I missed the first time.

You should have played the Dark Urge though :-)

Stingite said...

yeah, I'm not even going to think about everything we're missing along the way right now. That'll be a second single-player game I suppose.

Dark Urge you say?