Saturday, April 3, 2021

Tomb of Annihilation pt3 -- The end!

 Well . . . I did it!  I turned the map purple and completed every challenge on Horrific mode.

All done! Woot!

At the beginning of the week, I was totally stuck a little higher up on the map.

Those bosses though!

The problem really came down to gear. Those bosses in those campaign map nodes were super tough and the defeats were really demotivating, so my plan was to grind a node called "Treasure Hunt" on Horrific mode over and over until I had the gear I needed. As it turns out that posed a couple of problems.

1- That node doesn't give many Legendary Tier reagents needed to craft the gear.

2- Winning definitely isn't guaranteed because of these freaking spell-warded skeletons.

The absolute worst thing you can wander into in any Tomb of Annihilation Map

If there is one thing I genuinely hate about this game, it's warded skeletons. Every time you kill one, it launched a spell that pretty much one-shots any of your heroes.  If you run into two before you finish your objective, either you're running away from them or it's a hard restart on the level. I hate them with a passion.

. . . and that's when I found a map node called "An Overwhelming Presence" that solved every problem in every way . . . 

You are the best map in the game

Basically, and I don't know how the developers let this through, all you have to do is pass for 18 rounds . . . that's it. After you pass for 18 rounds, you get a good chunk of gold and x3 legendary loot items. When I started my adventure in passing over and over, I was level 20.  When I finished, I had downloaded a macro program that would spam the spacebar key every 4 seconds, and I was level 90. 

Boom! Did it feel cheap? Yup. It did, but the alternative felt even worse

After this I purchased every legendary item for every hero and finished out the game on horrific mode and earned the end game Steam achievements for doing so. Even with a full set of legendary gear, a few of the maps were terrifying, but I got the job done and Acererak fell to my heroes once and for all.

Keep up the threats bone boy

Feels good to put this one to bed. To be honest, I only picked it up and started playing again because Valheim won't let me connect to our dedicated server for some reason . . . sigh. It was good to hear Tipa and Calrain downed the final boss over there too.

Happy Dueling!

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