Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Pokémon Red -- A great time in greyscale!

I'm continuing to play through Pokémon Red per @jetsers suggestion and having a great time in greyscale!  (I should trademark that tagline.) 

The only setbacks so far have been issues caused by me not physically saving my game (I forget auto-save used to not be commonplace) and my sore thumb from mashing the button over and over to try and save time when I get into fights.  I'm not used to holding a 3DS . . . I've done everything from accidentally turn off the 3DS to accidentally amping the volume while my wife was sleeping next to me. Whoops.

The game itself is exactly as I remember the experience, but I can't help myself thinking about how much has come from this relatively simple game while playing it.  It's genius.  You wander a very simple map, you run into people, get some dialog, and fight with your collection of Pokémon.  That's it.  . . . and yet you can't help but wonder what the real story is behind the gentleman with two Growliths in the economy section of the cruise ship . . . what's his real deal? . . . and that's where the cartoon filling in the gaps in dialog is also genius!  

There's another "g" word to describe this game besides "Genius" and that's "Grindy."  Wandering the grindy grass to level up your Pokémon is so, so, 1998.  As long as you're having fun though, right? Right!

As for my progress so far, I'm 6+ hours in and my Squirtle has evolved into a Wartortle, I have two gym badges, and a little herd of baby Pokémon that mostly stay sidelined while Wartortle eats all the experience.

What a strapping young Wartortle he is!

As I was playing I remembered that the real trick was to have your first Pokémon be one that you wanted to level, and then as soon as you started the fight, switch to your main Pokémon.  I've been doing that a touch here the past hour with my new Oddish Pokémon. I love his little tuft of leaves that poke up when he does battle, and he's actually really good against water types, which I'm fighting a lot of these days.

Get him Beatdrop!

Currently I'm exploring the good ol' S.S. Anne.  All the sailors aboard want a piece of me.

He's strong to the finich 'cause he eats his spinach!

I figure I'm just a few cabins away from finding the Cut HM, and also my third Gym Battle in Vermillion while I'm at it.

Happy Dueling!

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