Saturday, December 19, 2020

Putting the Elf on the Shelf in Overwatch

I love the Overwatch events that give you a couple free sprays and a new skin for winning 9 games. 

ended up getting those last three wins late last night -- Woot!

That carrot on a stick is all the motivation I need to log on and play several games, and there will be three of these types of events running through the Holiday season. The first of which was to earn the green elf Junkrat skin

Oh man, could totally be my new favorite Junkrat skin!

If you're interested, you only have the rest of this weekend to earn him and then it'll cycle to the next event, which happens to be Gingerbread Ana (too bad she doesn't actually look like Ana made out of gingerbread), and finally the last event will have us hunting after Frosty the Roadhog, which you also get a nice preview of on the start menu.

Of course Junkrat steals all the cookies while flanked by Frosty the Roadhog!

Outside of those skins there are the typical smattering of purchasable skins including Penguin Mei, Toybot Zenyatta, Conductor Reinhardt, Ice Empress Moira, and Lumberjack Torbjorn. 

Sadly, I like ALL those characters and there's no way I'm going to be able to get them all.  My favorites out of the bunch are for Zen, Rein, and Torb. Who knows!? Maybe I'll get lucky and win at least one of them before it's too late and the event goes away. I mean, the game did give me an old event skin last night in a loot box.

Sigma Rime skin, eh? I never play him, but I'll take a free Mr. Cold Miser!

Anyway . . . I've got some time off work for the holidays . . . it's possible! GET THEM SKINS!

Happy Dueling!

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