Wednesday, December 16, 2020

CR 327 -- Bring out the TOYS!

 At this point for me in DCUO, it's a slow grind up the CR ladder. Basically, I'm logging on for two reasons: 

    1- Team Spode's Sunday Night games (yay!)

    2- Trying to earn Quintile crystals to build up an epic item (I need to epic-out them there shnazzy goggles in Long Live the Legion!)

To those ends, I'm also hitting up the dailies and "legion bounties" over and over while waiting for whatever new expansion they might throw our way in . . . maybe a few months?  Who knows how long it will be until the next update.

And if you're really crazy, you'll do all that for all your alts as well . . . I may or may not have logged on to Death Unicorn, my old Fire Tank . . . ok, I totally logged on Death Unicorn. I have no idea how to play him anymore, but chucking meteors around is super fun.

Long Live the Death Unicorn!

Because I've also been hitting up those Legion bounty raids, I've also been bringing out my old toys in my storage while waiting for the raid to start.

I've got the Riddler Ball, the Superman Ball, and a piece of 2nd anniversary cake.


I've actually had a couple fun games of catch with people while waiting for the raid to begin because of this.  The cake is way easier to play catch with btw, the balls move too fast and have too much roll-y/bouncy physics to them to be easily picked up.

I was super happy when another guy joined in this morning and summoned up his dice to throw around as well.

Batman look-a-like gonna roll a nat 20!

TOY FEST!  So if you're reading this post and happen to also have toys in the bank . . . make a friendly necromancer happy and join in the fun. It's Christmas time after all. 

(You know . . . I should go play the toyland instance in DCUO again . . .that's a good time!)

Happy Dueling

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