Sunday, September 20, 2020

A Tale of Two Tails: Stingite and the Friendly Ratsomancer

Here it is! I'm so happy to show you my commissioned piece of fan art for my Project Gorgon Spirit Fox character and his Necro Rat sidekick! 

The Friendly Ratsomancer, Stingite, and his illusion

I commissioned the ever-amazing and talented Mia Smith to create this piece of art to commemorate my time in Project Gorgon as a Spirit Fox, and I absolutely love it! It even has me mid-ghost mode and with a Spirit Fox illusion in the background.

It all started back in July when the new Spirit Fox animal class was introduced to the world by P:G. Since I donned the skin, I haven't removed it once. By the end of July, I had hit level 60 in the skill and found my new Necro Rat sidekick. Finally, by the end of August, I had max-leveled my fox and did a fair amount of leveling for The Friendly Ratsomancer as well.

It's been a really fun class to play, and I hope to see it continue to grow and develop as a class as time goes on.

What's been happening now a month later? Honestly, I've just been making a lot of money in game by selling mostly Superb Metal bars to players trying to level their Jewelry Crafting and also farming ingredients for my lifeblood drug of choice since becoming a spirit fox: Bounceweed.  

Dirt, Fish Scales, and Grass . . . this is the way!

. . . and I quote, "You've completed this recipe 600 times"

At some point in the future I may switch back to my old Raksasha self, but for now I couldn't be happier running around Alharth as a Spirit Fox with a Necro Rat side kick.

Happy Dueling!


Bhagpuss said...

That's a really lovely illustration.

Stingite said...

I'm so happy with it! Mia is incredibly talented.

Tipa said...

Looking good :-)