Friday, July 17, 2020

Lookin' Foxy in Project Gorgon

Project Gorgon surprised its fans yesterday with an update that was a mixed bag of fun and not-so-fun.

The not-so-fun news is that using skills like Animal Handling to boost your level in other combat skill got a little harder to do.  There was a bit of a complicated explanation in the patch notes, but basically you'll be earning 25% less of the "bonus" exp when power leveling a skill. I mean, you can still use an OP pet to farm exp, but not quite as fast as you used to. 

Didja gloss over while reading that? 

My suggestion? Definitely go to the poetry jams on Saturdays to get the bonus exp buffs and drop some money on a memory enhancer potion.  It'll help with the grind.

The FUN news; however, is that a new animal class was added to the game.  In case you didn't know, you can be a pig or a cow or a deer or a spider or a bat or a whatever the other ones are that I can't think of right now, and fall under a completely different set of rules in game.  At the end of the day though, it's basically a combat skill with a cool skin.

Ahhh, speaking of cool, how about a nice cool bath?

I've been avoiding playing as an animal class in Project Gorgon for a long time.  I "should' have played as a spider, just like I "should" have played as a necromancer.  I mean. Those types of spooky classes are my jam typically. I'm edge-y like that when it comes to the game world, but not here.

So, because it's new and I have no other reason not to, I'M A FOX!!

The process of becoming a fox is interesting. 

1- First, you need to find a Spirit Stone. I'm like . . . a what?  The wiki entry for a Spirit Stone basically says you can find one in the "dawn" time while in Eltibule, and it will be inside a wooden crate in a location where fireflies were seen during the previous night.  Ok.  I've never even seen this happen and I've run around Elitbule a metric ton.  That said, I gave it a shot because why not? So I looked, and I looked, and I looked.  Finally I'm like, are they talking about this wisp of magic you can find outside the Goblin Keep?

So I waited, and I waited, and I waited.  The answer was . . . no.

So I figured that by the time I actually found one of these firefly spawns at the right time of day and waited until morning to loot this magic chest, I could easily farm up the ~25k that a player was asking for in the player bazaar, and justified buying one.

It's a good time to up-charge those spirit stones.

2- Second, you have to travel to the Wolf Caves in Kur with your spirit stone.  At first I went to Kur Tower, like an idiot, thinking that the Fox NPC was in there somewhere. I killed the boss in there with a couple people and ran around a bit until I caved and asked in Global Chat. I like never do that. Global Chat is scary.

Luckily an acquaintance of mine named Lagitha was there to lemme know, it's in the Wolf Caves and you follow the main dungeon path and drop down twice until you get to a back cave full of imaginary wolves.  Thank you, Lagitha! You're the best.

3- Lastly, you gotta make it past all those freaking static-blurry wolves!  They only have like 300-400 health, but it's a metric ton of them. I loaded up on thorn shield buffs and died a couple times getting back to the back room solo.

Blurry fox is blurry!

Once you get there, there a fox NPC you can talk to and he tells you a very sad story about how he's stuck without a spirit as a fox.  You give him the stone, and he "trades" with you by turning you into a spirit fox and a whole set of guidelines about being a fox. (which don't really make a lot of sense to me just yet)

Confusing instructions are confusing!

It sounds like I need someone to give me another spirit stone to un-fox myself.  So I'm stuck like this for a while. It's cool though. I'm up to the challenge and I really needed something to mix it up.

So far the class seems interesting. At the time of this writing I'm only level 20 in the spirit fox skill line, but I can see that they have a pretty amazing buff that makes them very hard to hit for a while and can cast an energy rune on the ground that will restore your energy if you click on it. So, it's like making a little emergency store of energy on the ground before you engage an enemy.  The rest of the skills so far seem to be pretty run of the mill damage, but I did notice most of the skills deal "Dark" type damage.

I'll have to do some research to see what coincides with that damage type, but immediately my mind goes to . . . dun dun dun . . . necromancy.  I'll have to play with it a bit more to see if there's something cool that synergizes.

So far the equipment I've found doesn't have impressive stats just yet, but it all remains to be seen what can be done here.

Hmm, stun resistance, sprint speed, and extra damage . . . now to just get fox to 60th level.

In the meantime, I have no opposable thumbs in game! That means, I can't use tools and weapons and stuff like that.  Humans won't really talk to me in the early zones.  So, game on!  I'm a fox now!

Happy Dueling!


Bhagpuss said...

I'm usually up for anything that lets me be a fox but this? I think not. If it wasn't enough that it's ridiculously difficult and complicated (like everything in P:G - and I'd have had to be playing P:G for a good while even to start thinking about it, based on the combat difficulty of just getting to the spirit fox npc)) then all those cryptic warnings about permanent and total annihilation would be more than enough to put me off. It makes it sound as though losing a fight with a nature spirit would mean your character was deleted for good. Maybe it doesn't mean that but I wouldn't want to risk it on the basis of those instructions.

Interested to read about how it goes for you, though.

Stingite said...

Yeah. EVERYTHING in P:G is complicated and interwoven, but I think the warnings were just some weird flavor text they threw in to be funny. It would be pretty amazing if somehow my character got deleted for good. HAHA!