Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Canvas is the Brush -- The Landscape is the Canvas

Hear me out . . . I really want to have a Burning Man event in Project Gorgon out in the desert of Ilmari.

Recently I've been making these kind of temporary "art installations" out of in-game "art." It's very meta, but there's not a lot you can be creative with in Project Gorgon outside of  laying down items in patterns. The best of these items are by far the over-sized paintings you find adorning the walls of the Serbule Crypts and the Eltibule Goblin Dungeon.

Most people are so starved of money that doing stupid stuff like this is . . . well . . . stupid. But for me, it's my current "fun" in game. :) 

Ribbons of pictures laid out in the desert

That's about 70+ pictures worth a few thousand councils. Once you peel a portrait off the walls of the dungeon, you then identify it to level your Art History. By doing so, you gain synergy levels in Artistry and Lore.  

I'm not just confined to the desert, either mind you.

A swooping arch of art in a cold empty trail of Kur Mountains

That swath of pictures happens right along a well-traveled path between Eltibule and Ilmari -- sure to catch the eye of a few level 50 players. ;)

So there you have it! The canvas is the brush and the landscape is the canvas in Project Gorgon.  Of course, you're limited by your inventory, and I found out last night that as you lay new pictures down in an area where you previously had put pictures down, it starts to find the oldest ground spawn of the same type and removes it. So it's really best to do something like this in one shot. Just gather all the paintings your backpacks can hold and make your brush strokes by pointing your body and dropping the picture -- strafe a bit, then repeat!

Ground spawns seem to last a couple hours if left undisturbed, and seeing something strange in a path well traveled will definitely stop someone in their tracks for a moment.

What does this all have to do with a Burning Man event in Project Gorgon? IDK other than I think it could be really cool if a few people came out to the desert and started painting with their paintings while people played music and danced, and a couple Kegs were placed out for people to enjoy.  Lighting off fireworks and chilling would be a must. . . even better if it could catch the eye of an admin and they spawn a couple bosses for players to fight.

Maybe some day . . .

In the meantime, I'll be leveling up my Art History and making a few more surprise brush strokes across the landscape of Project Gorgon.

. . . Now if only the fine people at Project Gorgon would make some kind of snappable building blocks with placement nodes on all sides for us to play with . . .

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

Like a modern day virtual Jeanne Claude and Christo :-)

Stingite said...

HAHA! Nice comparison. If only I could recolorize this world for a moment. :)

Shadowhorn said...

This is so sick, Tom! You should totally do it lol. Love the creativity behind it.

Hope all's well man!