Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fishing! Wizard101's Test Realm is LIVE!

The official announcements have been made on Facebook and Twitter!

Click for Facebook Post
Click for Twitter Post

And here's the official Test Realm update notes!

I'm on a lunch break here at KingsIsle, and I'm hanging out in the Test Realm for a moment (oh man, I should have loaded the Test Realm for Wizard101 earlier . . . now I'm just waiting for game assets to finish downloading).  Just thought I'd give a shout out to the Wizard101 team and give them a big congratulations on beginning this new season of sport in Wizard101!

Now the real question . . . do I wish Pirate101 would have gotten a Fishing system before Wizard101?

No response. ;)

Looks to be a lot of fun from everything I've seen and heard!

Happy Dueling (and happy fish collecting)


Chrissy The Blesser said...

OK Now I am on serious cute overload. It's bad enough that I am now distracted by Test Realm fun but now I am completely entranced by that aDORable puppy. *In baby coo voice* "Isn't that just the sweeeeetest little puppy? :D

Anne Radcliffe said...

Wow, fishing! How cool! I know I will love it... need to somehow squeeze in some more time for Wizard101 these days. As for Pirate101, we love it, fishing or no fishing. One doesn't love one child more for walking sooner than the other. Pirate is terrific just the way it is, and other changes can come all in good time :)

(Though you should have seen my eldest child's eyes widen when she saw that puppy!)