Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fishing Arrives in Wizard101!

That's right . . . the servers came back online around 5:00am US Central, and the joys of fishing in Wizard101 were opened to the world today. I took a quick look this morning, and it was pretty awesome to see a strange shift in the Commons! Instead of everyone standing or sitting around on their mounts, there was a frenzy of activity around and in the lake--catchin' up whoppers! How awesome is that?

I joined in the fun and caught my first icecuda fish. :)

. . . and promptly put him in my house.

Awwww! First fish cuteness! He'll love hanging out by my Krokotopian sacrifice table and sarcophagus collection!

Anyway, I'm glad to have been a very small part in the process of bringing you fishing, and I really hope you enjoy it. I've been tuning in to Twitter, Facebook, Central, and our own message boards, and I'm excited to hear more of your feedback now that fishing has gone live. :)

Happy Dueling!

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Scarlet Frogslinger said...

Congratulations on your first fish :)

I'm looking forward to trying it out in Live. Had a go in Test. Catching my first Garrfish startled the life out of me! It was fun once I got the hang of waiting until the lure actually disappeared below the water.

Must admit to taking a sneak preview of all the different kinds of fish (on another website) and wow, so many of them and there are some amazing ones.

Have fun or tight lines or some other fishing phrase that means enjoy and good luck :)