Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bear Acuda and a Todd Pole *check*

Hey all!

Just a quick update.  I finished up the fishing quests earlier today in Grizzleheim.

At first I was kind of miffed at Haarek Silverscale for giving me his backside when we were talkin'.

But then I realized that a fisherman never breaks his gaze from the water.  You might miss that spacebar moment when you see your magic orb pop underneath the water! Although, to be honest I had already had my fill of bear snout in my face. Eek!

Them there be some teeth on that thing!  I can't believe I'm swimming in the same water that thing is in! Looks bitey.

I think for me personally (I know everyone has their own horror story about an extremely hard fish to catch) the hardest fish was that fish sandwich back in Cyclops Lane.

Someone somewhere said that the Fish Sandwich fish was making them crave an actual fish sandwich.  I agree.  Nom.

Probably the surprise catch for me was this pet egg in a treasure chest!

Now what kind of person puts an egg in a chest along with 1450 gold and some mistwood and throws it into the water? eh? (Actually, I can see putting the mistwood in a box and chucking it away.) In the past, I'd blame aliens, but . . . Ha! You know, it would be a funny quest to have Pirates in Pirate101 put things into treasure chests and throw them into the rivers of Grizzleheim.  Aliens? No . . . Pirates are the only explanation for crazy stuff like this sometimes! *nods*

I think the big takeaway lesson I learned from my fishing experience is how to target those little guys in the water.

What I do is imagine I have a big X on the back of my head. (Being a Community Manager, that's usually the case anyway . . . .) 

That's about the spot where the lure will end up every time I cast it out.  If the fish will be near that spot in 2 seconds, I cast out my line.


Anyway, fishing was a fun distraction, but I think it's time to get back to my adventures in Khyrsalis.

Happy Dueling!


Anne Radcliffe said...

Let's see, why would someone put an egg in a chest... perhaps to protect it: "Oh no, the evil [fill in blank here] are coming! I must save the baby [whatsit]!" Sort of like Moses, or Superman, or Danae and her baby Perseus (though her wicked dad in that story hoped they would perish).

I would love to get an egg in a chest - hasn't happened yet, but I really do enjoy fishing in Wizard101!

Cole GoldenFlame said...

Wow, you're so lucky, I have that yet to happen!

Charles Raven said...

I forgot this blog was running! It's really been a while since you made me into a trading card. Nice to see it's still going strong!