Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spell of the Week -- Mander Blast!

The Spell of the Week this week is an attack spell within the Mander polymorph spell.

It's the Mander blast!

For zero pips and about the same amount of damage as a 50th level wand spell, the Mander Blast spell seems to be less about doing damage, and more about breaking debuffs or cuing up your pet's spritely talent ;). It has the appearance of a fire spell but is actually balance damage, which can be difficult to block. It's basically a fun little spell with no pip cost where you get to breathe a little fire on your opponent as a mander.

The readers of the Friendly Necromancer were awesome enough to really give this spell a try this week. Twenty-two submittals! Great work everyone.

Check 'em out below:


Tara Darkgem:

Nathan Goldenshield:


Ryan LifeGarden:

Ryan adds, "Here you go! Sorry I couldn't make any cool jokes, I have menu chat. -Ryan LifeGarden PS: Even though I am life, (as my name suggests) I have to say that from having a death character (oh, the irony!) that is level 56, Death is a pretty good school. I especially like its steal spells. They often get me out of a pinch quickly. The Death School is (almost) as good as the Life school!"

No worries that you've got menu chat . . . although next time make sure you ask the mob you're hitting if they've seen any acorns! ;)


Luke Goldhorn:

Kristen Willowshield:

John Mist:

Jason Goldriver aka Swordroll:

Swordroll adds, "This was a tricky one, I only came across one card, but couldn't resist the challenge :) It wasn't hard to notice that most people are saying something during their attack, but I was too concentrated, it appears. You might say that I was on fire with those Mander Blasts, there, which were quite distracting. The wizard that's polymorphed here is Jason Goldriver.

You know me, I love good contrast, and a nice background, so it's no surprise that I chose an icy cave to cast a Fire spell, and also blogged about it. Thanks for this enjoyable segment!"

You're welcome! Thanks for the great picture!


Heather Ravenglade:

Heather had a question too, which was, "What's a good secondary school for ice?"

Hmm, well, you know . . . I like to shop around on my schools and not go pure secondary (get death to feint, life to satyr, grab colossal, etc.), but you can't go wrong with going life and wearing one of those new necklaces that let you cast out of your school for the same amount as casting a an ice spell. Those are awesome.

Fred aka The Pyro Ninjapig:


Thanks also to James, Flint's buddy who gave him the card XD.

Fin Dragonwhisper of Fin and Quinn:

Fin adds: "The phrase was inspired by one of those lame cheers we say before an XC race."

Fallon Ravenshade:

Elijah LightThief:

Dustin RavenBreath aka Country Gamer:

Dustin has two pictures to share, the first is a mander spell treasure card from his Red Bell Pepper Plant (similiar to Mander Blast but different)

Courtney Dreamsong:


Amber Fairyheart:


Thanks everyone for those awesome entries!

A few of you have asked how to take screenshots without screen elements: click here.

Some other tips would be for you to try using the crop tool in Paint (or whatever other graphic software you're using). Some screenshots that get a side view can be accomplished with having two accounts: one to cast the spell, one to take the screenshot.

I'm loving the creativity you all are showing with your phrases! Thanks for all the participation!

Happy Dueling!


Swordroll said...

Wow! The hardest spell yet, and a new record on entries!

Great pictures, everybody!

Honorary Detective said...

Thanks! It was fun to participate! I had to spend two points to get the polymorph, but now you made me think MORE about the moon spells! I now think I'll get one of the storm polymorphs to help me out in the future! :)

Also, thank you very much for answering my questions, that really helped!

Tara Darkgem said...

Woot thx friendallee again XD

Haley Earthcloud said...

i sent you a mander picture spell too but you didnt post it :(

my email was debbietamers@yahoo.com

Ashley Spiritweaver said...

i sent in a mander picture of the week but you didnt post it. why??? o:

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Nice post Tom! I was jw if you could make the Spiral Live post like tomorrow before the contest ends on friday.


Stingite said...

@Haley and Ashley:

I'm so sorry, but I don't see any e-mails in my inbox from either of you. Retry? Or there's always next week. (maybe check the file size of your pictures?)

thanks for trying though. I appreciate it!

Ashley Spiritweaver said...

I see the problem. I attached the wrong picture, my sis Haley took a picture too for her wizard and that was really her picture but I also attached her picture on accident instead of the one i took, I swear i wasnt trying to cheat because i guess thats probably what you thought! sorry i should have double checked but i swear im not a cheater, you know me friendly i post comments on your other posts and yeah ill make sure that doesnt happen next week sorry!!

Flint said...

Thanks for thanking James!! I really appreciate it :D I showed him and he freaked out! (in a good way)