Monday, November 9, 2009

Where should a grandmaster necromancer farm solo?

Got a question here from Luke Darkblood:
I am a Grandmaster Necromancer and i wanted to know what you think is the best place to solo harvest for items worth lots of money. I am trying to get Imperial Palace and am kinda short(at 9000 gold), thanks.

Well, you could farm Oyotomi, but for a GM necromancer, I think the best choice is Vasek Ashweaver. He's a great farm for a necromancer.

So this fight is basically a 10 round fight for you.

Spirit Blade
Life Trap
Spirit Trap
death trap
necklace death trap

this will do 11,000 damage. (You could probably dump curse and make this a 9 round fight but vasek likes to debuff) In the end you will get between 60-70 gold and an item that should sell anywhere from 500 to 800 gold.

On oyotomi it's a 4 round fight (blade, convert, feint, wraith), but you'll only get between 50-60 gold and a drop that sells for around 100-200 gold.

So, even if you can kill two oyotomi's in the span of one vasek, it's still more profitable to kill vasek (and you won't have to deal with any noobs crashing your farming party since vasek is instanced).

Happy Dueling!


Countess Shadowbane said...

Hiya! Long time no see lol. Nice idea there with Vasek. Just wanted to say hi. I'm finally back in the spiral again, blog is finally up. Sigh. Hope to see ya around soon :D

jesse ^_^ said...

hmm I hope to see all blogers some day maybe the next time there is a gathering. I farmed that place before already and they do drop very interesting items.

Sierra Starsong said...

Any suggestions for farm spots for the other schools?

Outstanding Allen said...

What about fire? I know its probably Oyotomi, right?

Taji34 said...

i'm trying to save up for the biggest DS house. where is the best place for a Balance wizard to farm for items that sell for a lot, and i mean a lot, at the bazaar?


Jessica said...

Farm spots for noobs? :P

Stingite said...

@countess: wb!

@jesse: would be good to get everyone together again.

@sierra: no idea. What I like about Vasek is that he seems to have forgotten life shield and has no guard. It makes for a quick fight.

@allen: I have no idea. Perhaps some of the cruicible bosses might be good?

@Taji: no idea for farming for other classes on this one unfortunately.

@Jessica: ;p Kraken? /chuckle

Sierra Starsong said...

"Forgotten life shield"... I've never seen a single enemy yet use life shields, yet life enemies seem to throw death shields easy as breathing.