Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How did you make your header?

Got a question! I love questions!
I was wondering how you made the title for your blog with your character on it.

The header! Yeah, did you know that my header use to be much much smaller and had a picture of me flexing infront of mr. personality? The picture on still shows this old header.

I decided to go obnoxiously huge with the current header after visiting a few other blogs and realizing that, hey, obnoxiously huge is awesome!

So I use a really old graphics program. Most people use photoshop. I love photoshop, and it was the first graphics program I learned to use, but I have a really old graphics program that I choose over it because it's so easy to use. Most people hate this graphics program.

I'm serious when i say I choose this program OVER photoshop since i have both.

Are you ready?

Microsoft Image Composer.

Oh my word I love Microsoft Image Composer so much.

So here's what I did. I set my composition space to black. I went to the opening screen of the game and took a screenshot of my character. I dumped that picture onto my composition space, then I trimmed him out to remove the background. I typed "The," "Friendly," and "Necromancer" separately and moved them around until I liked what I saw. I plunked my character in front of the words ala magazine style. Now, I liked it at that point, except then I realized it needed a finishing touch: a smilie face for the dot on the "i" in the word "friendly."

and that's it.

Happy Dueling!


Sierra WinterBreeze said...

Yeah, but what I'm trying to figure out is how you got the text beneath your header. I can only get it "Instead of header" or "Behind header" and I just want it below it!

Jessica said...

I created my header with MS paint. I want to make a new one, with all my new gear, but I'm just to lazy to put that 'wizard 101 blogger' badge on. I can't believe you made your header with Microsoft Image Composer.

Where did you get the smiley?

Stingite said...

@Sierra: When you go to your layout mode, you need to add a textbox widget (or html widget) underneath your header. Works like a charm!

@Jessica: honestly, I can't remember where I got the smiley. /shrug