Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Catching up with the Wizard101 Blogosphere

OK, there is just a lot of stuff going on out there, and I just haven't had much time to do anything let alone post to this blog.

Here we go:

1- Wizard101 Central has just added blogs to it's repertoire. You'll be able to buy them for 200 forum gold and post to them right on central for all to read. It's a lot of good exposure. (or you could just get a blogspot or wordpress blog for free and struggle in obscurity with the rest of us.) Blogging competition is getting steep! (a credit to Wizard101's success IMHO!) It's not like the old days where it was basically just me and West Karana (/hugs Tara).

2- Fallon from Diary of a Wizard has started a cool new community. I like how Valerian described it . . . it's like Myspace for Wizard101 fans. Oh, there's forums and blogs available over there too. You just really need to check this out. The chat room is fun!

3- There has been a HUGE disturbance in the force as Autumn Duskhunter from Homework in a Graveyard has up and quit! She appears to have some issues with the way crowns players seem to get the shaft. On a side note, I've always been of the opinion that subscription is better if you're trying to save money in this game . . . but maybe that's just me. (I'm thinking sub for three months, beat the game, go off the subscription until they release new content or you get the itch to level another character /shrug.) I do feel her plight. You should go voice your support for an excellent blogger for Wizard101. If you get her to come back, I'll feature here as a guest writer every once in a while. Yes, I think highly of her.

4- Cassandra has been at it again with Diapermancer comics. You need to go take a look (click on the picture to make it bigger on her blog). Seriously, you did feed your hydra right? :p

5- There's a new Ravenwood news out! Please pay particular attention to this quote my friends: "Remember - codes for the Umbra Sword are one use and cannot be exchanged!" So, please don't ask me for the umbra sword code anymore.

6- The Second Meet and Greet is scheduled for 15 August! SOMG!
Be sure to check Evil Theurgist's blog to keep in the loop! We all know how the last one turned out . . . and if you don't here's my take on the event.

7- Did I miss something? Did I? Sheesh. My magic 8-ball says all signs point to yes. The world keeps turning when you turn your back for a minute. Let me know if you see something noteworthy in the Wizard101 world!

Thanks everyone!

Happy Dueling!


The Evil Theurgists said...

Cough Cough SOMG Cough at evil Cough Cough Theurigst Cough.

You can't get everything your not superman because he is life :P

Stingite said...

ADDED!!!! That's a big one. How did I over look that? LOL!

Fallon Shadowblade said...

So much happening in the blogosphere! It's quite an exciting time for everyone. I am very happy to be involved with such a wonderful community.

witchwarrior said...

Yes, friendly i fed my hydra.
sheesh -_-