Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friendly's TCG for Wizard101

Hello all,

I started crafting a TCG for Wizard101 a few months ago. You may have noticed all those Player Trading Card posts. Anyway, I've been so busy that I haven't yet been able to finish the advanced version of this game and I also haven't been able to video an example of me playing this game with my family yet.

I'm basically looking for a few more players to step up, namely:

4 Myth Wizards
2 Life Wizards
2 Storm Wizards
3 Fire Wizards
2 Ice Wizards

So if you would like to be a part of this, let me know! I'm more than happy to make you a card if you're a balance or death wizard just for fun, but if you happen to be one of those listed classes, I'd be MORE THAN more than happy to make you a card. :-)

Leave a note here and let me know how I can contact you to get a card made. If you left a note on a previous thread, and I missed it . . . please leave me another note and hopefully you won't be missed this time around. And if I did miss you, my apologies . . . I've had a lot of my mind lately. ;-)

Now, on to the game.


The basic card game can be played with a simple deck of cards, which will be replaced with actual cards once I make a sheet for you to print out (this is going to be a free game that I hope you will be able to just print out and play). You’ll need two decks of cards to play.

The first thing you need to do is separate your cards into two piles and get a piece of scratch paper.

Put the Ace and the 2-7 cards of all suits into one pile. Put the rest of the cards (8-Queen) into another pile.

The Ace through Seven cards will be your “player cards.”
A Balance
2 Death
3 Life
4 Myth
5 Storm
6 Ice
7 Fire

The Eight through Queen cards will be your “monster cards.”
8 Death
9 Life
10 Myth
J Storm
K Ice
Q Fire

Shuffle both decks separately.

You and your opponent now decide how many rounds you’re going to play (3, 5, or 7).

Make two columns (one for each player) on the scratch paper. Since in the basic game each side begins with 2,000 health, write 2,000 on the top of each column under the player’s name.

Flip a coin to see who goes first at the beginning of each round.

Each side draws their “team” of four cards from the player cards and puts them down face up in front of them. If any Balance cards are drawn, the player must declare what class that balance player will be playing as (death, life, myth, fire, storm, or ice). In other words, Aces are wild.

The person going first draws one card from the top of their monster card deck.

The effect of this card will vary based on the make up of their team of player cards. Effects of the monster cards will be as follows:

If the card drawn has no corresponding player cards of that class, the damage to the other team will be: 200 points
1 of the same class: 400
2 of the same class: 800
3 of the same class: 1600
4 of the same class: 2000

Cards are played until one side’s health drops below 0.

Example play:
• Player A draws their team and this round it will be made up of one life, one death, one storm, and one fire wizard.
• Player B draws their team and this round it will be made up of one death, one ice, one myth, and one balance wizard. Player B declares their balance wizard will be playing as a death wizard, making Player B’s hand to have two death wizards, one ice wizard, and one myth wizard.

• A coin is flipped and Player A will be going first this round.

• Player A pulls a myth monster card. Since there are no myth wizards in Player A’s deck, the other team only takes 200 damage. Player B’s life total is now 1,800 life.

• Player B pulls a death monster card. This will do 800 damage to player A since player B has a death wizard and a balance wizard playing as a death wizard (good draw!). Player A’s life total is now 1,200 life.

• Player A pulls a life monster card. This does 400 damage to Player B. Player B’s life total is now 1,200.

• Player B pulls a fire monster card. This does 200 damage to Player A. Player A’s life total is now 1,000.

• Player A pulls another life monster card. This does 400 damage to Player B. Player B’s life total is now 800.

• Player B pulls a storm monster card. This does 200 damage to Player A. Player A’s life total is now 800.

• Player A pulls a fire monster card. This does 400 damage to Player B. Player B’s life total is now 400.

• Player B pulls a life card. This does 200 damage to player A. Player A’s life total is now 600.

• Player A pulls an ice card. This does 200 damage to Player B. Player B’s life total is now 200.

• Player B pulls another death card and seals the deal. Player A’s life total is now -200.

• Player B wins round 1.

Player A.......Player B

Player A and Player B set their used player cards and monster cards aside and draw four more player cards for the next round. Best of 3,5, or 7 rounds wins!


That is the basic game. The advanced game will add additional effects of the player cards (such as life player cards will grant the team a bonus of 100 health per round or ice player cards will half the damage of all attacks, etc.) and will allow focused attacks to take out player trading cards one at a time.

Let me know if you can follow those instructions or not and if you play this, let me know if you had fun! This is the first card game I've ever tried to make.

(hmm, maybe I'll make an instructional video soon).

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

I would like to do the card, I am lail dathspear, lvl 50 Necromancer.

Anonymous said...

I have no clue how you're going to be able to meet me in-game, I was hoping to meet you at the meet and greet.

~Lail DS.

Kevin wildflame said...

I'll be one of the fire wizards, and my storm wizard too if you need one. :) You know my email and in game sooooo..... you can contact me there. cya!

Anonymous said...
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Countess Shadowbane said...

Well, if you still need myth, Countess Shadowbane would be more than happy to help out. You know where to find me. :)

Countess Shadowbane said...

Oh I have a fantastic storm wizard for you as well - let me know if you still need him.

Lyssie Silverheart said...

ME ME!!! I'd want to be a card!!!! My storm wizard is level 24 now!!

witchwarrior said...

WOOT! Balance is Ace! yes!
I look forward to this game!

Sierra Starsong said...

I have a lvl 35ish life wiz and a lvl 13 storm if you run short on volunteers. I've already got one card though so give others a chance first.

FYI I play them as the Starsong sisters, Sierra (ice), Olivia (life) and Danielle (storm).

potroast42 said...

Matthew Willowblossom from the Wizard101 Wikia. I am Myth - level 36 and growing rapidly now that i'm in MooShu. I'm pretty sure you know my email already.

L. R. Jonté said...

You can use my Myth wizard. Let me know if you need pics.

Amber StarGem said...

Amber StarGem Level 50 myth. You can just well whatever idk. just make a place were we can be on at the same time.

Anonymous said...
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JediRex said...

Samuel FIREHunter I would aso like to join in this. Usaly I am in Marlybone, Grizleheim or just go on the diary of a wizard connectx and read my post "Help" meet me after that or their.(Fire)

Sierra Starsong said...

I've been meaning to ask - what are all those symbols down the right side of the trading cards?

JGoof said...

Just an idea for the advanced game:

You could add fizzle with a dice. At a player's turn, the opponent chooses a number, after throwing the dice if the player's dice shows that number, the attack would fizzle.

You could also change the fizzle probablility by choosing more numbers.

Anonymous said...
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Cheats and Crackers said...

I could own any other storm wizard, (except Kyle of course, we're equal :P) so if ya wanna, holler when ya wanna meet him :P.

Anonymous said...
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The Evil Theurgists said...

Friendly as you once said to me I will now say unto you HOLY #### I AM NOT WORTH I AM NOT WORTHY lol

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE it if you made a card for me!!!!!!!! I'm a level 40 Ice Wizard, My favorite saying is Hasta La vista baby! My favorite spell is Frostbite (duh!), and my goal is to reach grandmaster by January.
-Luke Emeraldrider
P.S. I'll send you a pic of my wizard when I can!

Tesh said...

I have a Balance "main" and a Myth "off-main", neither of which is anything close to a Grandmaster. you're welcome to them, though. ;)

I've only skim read the actual game mechanics. I'll dig into it later, but I'm intrigued. Best of luck with it!

Stingite said...

Thanks all! I've sent an e-mail to a few of you. I'm going to be deleting the posts that had e-mail addresses in them . . . try to save you some spam.

@Sierra: right now the symbols are kind of just place holders.

@Jgoof: nice idea man. I'm liking the way you're thinking there.

Thanks all!

Blythe said...

Hey you could use my Grandmaster Storm, Duncan Dragonsword

rumbun521 said...

I want to have a card made for me. I am Andrew Skullsword level 27 pyromancer. Also, My friend wants a card too. He is Zackary Legendvault level 20.


Jessica said...

Huh, I get it! II wouldn't wan't to do a card though.
*steps back*
That would be a cool game!
Wait I might wanna be a card though.
*steps back*
So, its your choice.

Amber StarGem said...

Aww to bad i didnt get an email. Its just cause i forgot my password to google. x bangs head on wall x Just saying frienfly if you make a treasure card ill print it out and hang in proudly on my locker.

Ian Silverflame said...

I'll throw myself in there for a card! But I know there are plenty more out there better suited than me!

Ian Silverflame, lvl 50 Ice!

JediRex said...

O BTW I sent yoiu a request on diary of a wizard connectx and send you my email their. That way you wont have to delete it and i get no spam!
-Samuel FireHunter

Al Fonzo said...

Hey Friendly! My cmeputer hasnt been working for a while but now its up and running! So just in case you didnt know it was me. I am level 50 myth. My favorite saying yeppers peppers. My favorite spell is
orthrus and My goal is to finish crafting all the way.
Try and do your main story quests first. Then when you finish the game go and work on your side quests. If you need a picture just say a time we can meet on wizard.
Thx bye!

- Amber StarGem

P.s. if you make me a card ill print it out and turn it into a magnet to hang in my locker,

Anonymous said...

I have a level 48 myth If you would like to use it?

Amelia said...

I have a level 44 Pyromancer, Fiona LionHeart and would love to help out.

Alex Marie said...

I've got a level 49 (only four of those little bars away from 50) life wizard, Ellie Foe. I'm stcardboard101 on central if that's an easier way to get a picture.

FilamentTheBright said...
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Anonymous said...

Brandon Rubyblood here. Grandmaster Fire wizard if you still need someone for fire.

FilamentTheBright said...

Sorry to double post. Just realized I could use Google account here.

Brandon Rubyblood here. Grandmaster Fire wizard if you still need someone for fire would be to volunteer for you.

Mad Mom said...

I also have a level 50 life wizard if you still need one, just let me know!

Justin HexHunter said...

once again i am a level 24 Diviner, Marcus Windspear and i would like a card in the new game. btw, if you can publish this card game with the W10 staff, you will make a ton of cash. and i thought of an addition to the game. teacher cards. they can "level up" players of their class on the field. each player could choose three teachers, and the balance teacher would go with whoever wins a coin toss. the balance teacher can do anything any other teacher can, buut halved. Once again i would like Marcus Windspear, level 24 Diviner, to be in the game. you can contact me at

Justin HexHunter said...

you can also add some boss monsters for the kings section.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lvl 48 death wizard, so please make me a card and, if you do, let it be able to cast "Scarecrow" plz

Anonymous said...

Oh and BTW I have a lvl 13 life, lvl 7 myth, lvl 15 balance, lvl 4ice if ya need them all*

*I am the "aNONYMOUS" who said he wants to be able to cast scarecrow

Unknown said...

Hey could you post my wizard? im Ian starheart Pyromancer lvl 10

Anonymous said...

i have too questions do you have to put one of each card and too what happens if you run out of cards

ChickenNoodleSoup said...

I've no interest in games of pure luck, but it sounds very creative and fun. Good luck.