Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet and Greet wrapup

I'm sure Evil Theurgist will be writing a full report on the meet and greet. In the meantime, here's my version:

1- Mass friend invite session.

2- More people than place settings.

2.5- (submitted by Cassandra GriffenDreamer) DOGPILE ON CASSANDRA! (It's true, I called a dogpile on Cassandra and she escaped)

3- Lots of people on the steps to the Jade Palace.

4- Cass Lotusflower wins the Grizzleheim outfit contest!

5- Gathering at the rock garden for a photo shoot and Robert DragonHeart earns points.

6- bloggers form the traditional crime suspect photo line (*It was the guy in the Santa Suit officers*)

The rest was just kind of a blur. Have I mentioned how I need a larger friend list? I tried to prepare by deleting some old names off of my list (really hope I didn't delete anyone important by accident), but I still filled right back up.

Thanks again to all the other bloggers (you should check my MMO club list link off on the sidebar of the blog) and thanks so much to the readers! Sorry if I missed any of you!

Happy Dueling!


Silverheart said...

I wanted to be friends but your list was too big (I think mine is too any way)

Shadow said...

LOL I got in on the first screenshot, I was the one with x Screams x above my head because Thomas just walked in. :)

Amber StarGem said...

OK check out the reopening of my new blog!

Kimberly Sandshade said...

oh I just now saw this, the day after it happened. So sad! I would've loved to go. Oh well.

Alex SandStone said...

It was great meeting you friendly, along with all thr other bloggers yesterday. Sadly I had to go before the criminal line-up was taken. Still had a great time. :)

-Alex SandStone

L. R. Jonté said...

Woot! There I am in the last pic!

And that Santa suit you're so fond of... *sigh* We really need to talk about that Santa suit. :p

Jessica said...

These pics make me sad
I really wanted to go

witchwarrior said...

I can see me in the photos!
Thank gosh I escaped the dogpile