Sunday, February 14, 2021

Everquest Ding 99 -- Happy Erollisi Day!

It happened! *jazz hands* It felt a bit sluggish with a side of snailish, but it happened! *jazz hands* Ding 99!

Erollisi wants you to give Stingite a hug on Erollisi Day!

I fought almost the entire level wearing that headband btw, and by the picture you might be able to tell where I am. If not, that is a big crater called Shard's Landing, which was caused by Cazic Thule (the god of fear), who blew up with power when The gods of the ocean were all defeated. Now there's a group here camping out and offering quests to make this wacky hub expansion work.

Many bugs and snakes and wolves sacrificed their experience to me here.  There's a nice set of quests that allow you to just grind them over and over and over, and every time you complete the quest, you get a little experience bump. It was a nice change of scenery.

When snakes get round house kicked, punched, and pummeled to death . . . or at least 6% of death.

The one thing in common when fighting in Shard's Landing is that most of your fighting is done on the side of a mountain, so you get cool, weird angles in your screenshots . . . also a lot of bad pathing.

Gimme them wormteeth!

I actually started to really get the hang of two-boxing this level and made it work really well this time around. (Big Deal the Frogluk Cleric is now level 96 btw) To be honest though, it's giving me weird dreams where I dream in rectangle frames and split screens.  My brain is trying to tell me something . . . like . . . hey . . . you're playing a lot of Everquest lately. My brain knows me so well. 

My brain has even been digging up old memories from three years ago about why I gave up on this game back in 2017.  I remember fighting a bit in a zone called Ethemere Tainted West Karana. I think it was because I was really fed up with DCUO at the time and decided to never play again, so I unsubbed.  Then I just happily coasted out my sub time in Everquest, and then when my sub time ran out, and I was wearing all this prestige gear that you can only wear when you're subbed to Everquest, it made me rage quit and get angry.

I explored a few new zones while I was at it this level to see how they fared.  If I was a paladin, I'm sure I would absolutely love running around in the Chapterhouse zone.

I've got nothing but love for you, Mr. rotting paladin of Marr.

It's the new, updated version of Befallen, an old favorite zone of pretty much everyone in Everquest. Remember Befallen?! Of course you do.  Chapterhouse of The Fallen, just like Befallen, will also kill you with its wandering mobs and double pulls.  The funniest thing to me was the first quest I got here was to . . . kill 10 rats.  No lie.  The MMO cliche -- right there!

Man she was rude . . . you'd think the heart ears would soften her words, but nope

So, I'm missing the last four expansions that Everquest put out. I don't know how much that will restrict me from leveling up past 100, but for now I just keep grinding away.  It really would be nice to get better gear, but I don't really know how to do that aside from Heroic Adventure loot (which my second account can't wear due to being free to play), random world loot, and buying stuff in the bazaar.

If you've got any tips, lemme know.

Happy Dueling!

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Bhagpuss said...

It took me ages to figure out how gear works in EQ these days and I'm not going to try and summarize it in a comment. The gist is that for a number of expansions there's been a system where you buy molds of some kind from an NPC and combine dropped/crafted/vendored pieces inside them to make armor. It's like crafting but you don't need any crafting skill. Well someone does, but not the end user.

It varies from expansion to expansion but generally all the mats are tradeable so you can get them from other players. Sometimes the final, wearable armor is also tradeable and you can skip the whole thing and just buy that, at a markup.

As I said, it's quite complicated and takes a lot of reading up, and each expansion has it's own slightly different version. If there's any easily-available gear for solo players better than a combination of that stuff and the smaller selection of tradeable, dropped gear, I don't know about it. The good thing is none of it's Prestige so you don't have to be subbed to use it.