Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Everquest Ding 97 -- Shark bait, oo ha ha!

This level in Everquest, I began as Nemo . . .

. . . And I emerged this level as SHARK BAIT, OO HA HA!  If only I had a cool group of tank mates that would welcome me back into the game.  

Just look at that happy smile!

Actually, I did try to be social. I sent out a message to the general channel that I was looking for a guild with absolutely no response. I posted my name in the Looking For Guild Message Board Area with absolutely no response.  Eventually I got so sick of not having the most basic of guild travel amenities available to me, that I asked my old Everquest buddy, Calrain, to log on and invite me to his old guild, which he did!
Yessss! A guild tag!!!

I am now the highest leveled character in Quest For Enlightenment (QfE), an old Role Playing Guild on the Erollisi Marr server. The last person from QfE to log in and play a bit did so about six months ago . . . and that character's name is "RezAlt" . . . sooooo . . . sounds like a cleric parked in the guild lobby to me.

It's not a total ghost town on this server. There are people talking in general from time to time, and last night the chat actually got quite busy.  It was kind of cool to see.  From what I understand, the real grouping fun happens on the recommended servers, servers like Firiona Vie. How do I know this? I've been watching a few YouTube videos. This feature guide below from Nerd Navigator was pretty great. In fact, all his Everquest videos are pretty great.

As for me . . . I've been soloing, um, or "moloing" (soloing with a mercenary) in the Veil of Alaris expansion. The daily Hot Zone Quests have been pointing me toward Sarith, City of Tides, where it's all about killing sharks, squids, sneaky little piranhas, and those delicious King Crab.

Gimme dem claws!

Sarith is a "Tier 2" zone in this expansion where as long as you can talk the local language of Alaran, the repeatable quest givers will gladly give you a few extra platinum for killing the creatures there. 

There's also a row of "breadcrumb" NPCs that point you toward a "Tier 3" dungeon in the zone known as Rubak Oseka. When I wasn't killing sharks in Sarith, I was downing cultists in Rubak.

Take that, Zealot!

What an interesting dungeon this is! Basically it's a spiraling downward dungeon with the internal shape of a giant conch shell. This place is great for soloing! I imagine with a group it'd be even better. I imagine with two groups, it'd be awful!  Why? I think the groups would end up walking over each other a bit with long respawn timers, but that said, I guess I could see a group taking "top shell" and "bottom shell" camps here. Although at the bottom of the shell there appears to be a small raid event that appeared to be pretty challenging back in 2012?

Now lemme tell you how many times I died inside this shell called Rubak Oseka . . . at least 10 times . . . AT LEAST, but by the end of level 96, I was much more comfortable and even able to handle 2 mobs at once here.  And really that's what this level's theme was all about--trying to get more comfortable with the game again.

Undoubtedly level 97 will have more visits to these two zones, and possibly on to a few zones I've never seen before . . . there's literally a mega ton of content I own, but have never even seen.

Happy Dueling!


Bhagpuss said...

I really liked Sarith. Spent quite a lot of time there. I never went into that dungeon, though. In fact, I never even knew it existed. EQ is insanely huge it's so easy to miss entire zones.

There's another way to level up with big bonuses other than the Franklin Teek missions and that's with the adventures or whatever they're called that his brother gives, the one who stands right next to him. I ignored those for ages thinking they were just for groups but they are soloable, or some of them are.

I can't remember the details on which ones are good to solo. I remember I had to do a fair bit of research but it was good xp when I figured it out and also potentially quite good money, particularly if you sell the collectables in the Bazaar.

Stingite said...

Glad I was able to show off a little Rubak Oseka to you! I actually really like the layout of this dungeon. Some good thought was put into it.

I remember having quite a bit of success doing the Gribble Grobbleknobber heroic mission, but the last time Franklin gave me an adventure, all the mobs were yellow to me and I speedily died. I'll have to give it a go again. :)