Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Raid Shadow Legends: It gave me the Bird

The game everybody loves to hate is Raid Shadow Legends. I ain't kidding. I watched a 13 minute long rant video on YouTube (which I won't link here due to language) that DESTROYED not only Raid Shadow Legends, but the players who play it, and the advertising companies who continually hound him about being sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends. Oof. Brutal.

Raid itself has inspired an entire truckload of memes simply based on its aggressive YouTube advertising and sponsorship.

FYI, this post isn't sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

Beyond that, the reviews have been scathing: "Absolute Hot Mitigated Garbage." Or how about this one where it proclaims Raid Shadow Legends is "the epitome of pay to win."

So . . . now that we know all that . . . right? *Deep Breath* Can we just appreciate the fact that Sensortower estimated the game most likely generated 7 million dollars in profit in February 2020 alone? Despite all of the hate and all of the warnings and all of the memes, mobile gamers are in fact playing it and paying for it; they're thoroughly enjoying their hot mitigated garbage and happily paying to win.

None of the vocalized hate can stop the money making machine that is Raid Shadow Legends from trying to get "you" to play, and I guess that does naturally feel invasive and like you're falling into a viral trap, but isn't that just marketing fallout from a game that generates much more money than it costs to make and advertise? I didn't let the furor stop me from downloading it.

Speaking of marketing furor, let's see what's behind door number one:

Anyway, a few work friends who enjoy mobile games are playing Raid, and yup, I'm one of 'em. For me, however, the game is now headed to the downward side of my attention span. I have four level 60 heroes, completed the battle pass, completed the campaign map into Brutal mode, and claimed all of the Amazon Prime rewards. I can now put a pretty sizable dent in the Clan Boss (for a new player at least), and I'm sitting in the gold ranks for PvP.  I'm good now. I've played it pretty deep.

I'd say my Raid apex point was reached one day when I pulled yet another "trash rare" out of a shard. Mind you, I've never won a legendary from this game that I didn't buy and then earn in the Battle Pass (and TBH that legendary isn't that great).

Every time you bust open a summoning shard hoping for the cooler edges of the Gacha to happen, there's this feeling of . . . COME ON, COME ON, COMMMME ONNNNNN . . . BAM! UGH! NO!

Hello there, C rank Rare . . .

But let me tell you it was also that exact moment when I discovered Hal . . . my trash rare HERO!

Now typically you're going to take a character like this and simply use it for food as you level up another character with more potential or maybe use it for a very specific case. But I looked at Halberdier . . . and his helmet suddenly appeared more like something else thanks to a couple of well-placed ventilation holes in his helmet:

Hello there, HalBIRDier!!

. . . and I fell in love. At that point I had found everything I ever really want in a game: dumb meme material. I mean, screw trying to get legendaries and S-rank heroes, HalBIRDier is here to save the day!

"See" what I did there?

Now when my Raid buddies were talking about min maxing and how to get the most bang for your buck with artifact efficiency, I would simply interject with a new statement from Hal.

Hal has to eat too you know!

He was right there to chime in when Plarium gave us all 2000 Energy to combat the Coronavirus Quarantined blues.

It really was awesome to get all that free energy.

Hal was even there to chime in on things like love, happiness, and death at the start of every day.

Did Hal sound a bit ironic quoting Dr. Seuss like that?

So here's the moral of the story, kids, when life hands you C-rank rares in Raid Shadow Legends, make Bird-onade. Whether you want to banish Raid down to the depths of the deepest hell, actually enjoy playing it, or simply admire the revenue it makes . . . Hal will be there for you to understand your uniqueness. Some birds are not meant to be caged.

Happy Dueling

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