Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Pushing Past the Pianissimo Pessimisms

I don't usually talk music on this blog, but thanks to a bout of quarantined introspection, recently I've been looking back at a few of the tracks up on my soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/tom-purdue

The past few days, I'm starting to realize that I never fully recovered from my old band mate committing suicide last year. After the news, I tried to just cleanse myself of all the stuff we wrote together and pushed it out in two big soundcloud dumps.

His death hurt. It took all the steam out of me, but the show must go on and I still have been able to work a bit on music regardless. This too shall pass.

At first I wanted to make a set of tribute songs to 80's and 90's music that helped frame my life. That was just too overwhelming, and I couldn't quite rise to the essence that made those songs so special to me. Ha! I did manage to remake 1/3rd of the song Now My Heart is Full by Morrissey.

Another little experiment I did with my daughter's help was I would go to her and have her give me themes and ideas, then I'd go try to stretch myself by writing a jam around whatever inspiration she offered me. I called our project "Happy Sounds Good" based off of the Dairy Queen "Happy Tastes Good" promotion that the My Brother My Brother and Me podcast made fun of.

I've only shared these, uh, happy hardcore-esque jams with a few people, but I might as well get them out here on my blog. Now presenting! Three jams I wrote in the summer of 2019! Tada!

The last "music assignment" from my daughter was to write a song that combined the sounds of biting into a Kit Kat with electronic bubble popping . . . but I switched computers since then and haven't even installed music software on my computer yet. I really need to get that going again. Yes, it's been a tough couple of years for me musically, but I think I can overcome it all.

To be honest, and this may sound out of left field, what I'd really like to do now is just sell my drum set and buy an electronic one . . . for some reason in my mind I'm thinking that'll help.

Then again, that's another thing that kind of crashed for me last year.

About once a month I used to go jam with a couple of guys in a tucked-away studio near downtown Austin. It was great to get all that energy out on a drum set, you know?

. . . but . . . I had to call this quits after developing Tennis Elbow from playing too aggressively while also playing so infrequently. LOL! I can laugh about it now, but it really really hurt to play the drums for a while.

So to sum it up . . . let me know if you like what you hear or have some great thoughts to share. My music is probably not your style, but any positive thought could go a long way.

Happy Dueling


Bhagpuss said...

Sorry to hear about your bandmate. Takes a while to process, that kind of thing.

The more posts about music the better, I say. Especially if people are going to post stuff they've done themselves. I haven't made any music for twenty years now but increasingly I find myself thinking of starting again. I downloaded some software the other day but learning how to use it looked like too much work.. and then this self-isolation thing happend, so maybe it's a good time to try.

Stingite said...

Thanks for the note Bhagpuss! What software did you download? Would love to hear more about it.