Sunday, September 16, 2018

Digging the "Rolled & Told" Comic

The other day I was in Wonko's toys and games looking around at the store for the first time . . . just checking the place out. They had a ton of board games and a decent collection of D&D stuff. I really appreciated the beholder guarding the place from on high.

All mouth and eyes that one . . .

As I walked past the counter, I noticed a free comic called Rolled & Told from Lion Forge. Noticing instantly the nerd symbology of the D20's instead of o's, I picked it up and started thumbing through it.

This definitely won't end well for the adventurers . . . I've read ahead.

I was kind of happy at the find, and even more so when I looked at the cover and it said "free." It was such high quality that I even doubled checked it with the nice lady behind the counter and she giggled as I asked about it and said, "I'M TAKING IT THEN!" I mean, a free mag about D&D, I'm all in.

As it turns out this was their pilot publication . . .issue #zero as it were (thus the free price), and the next one comes out about 10 days from now. Yup, I did some research on this. I read all about how this mag was all the rage at Booth 118 at Gencon. And all the cool people who had been running the Thunderlock Barcrawl adventure found within its pages.

Looks like a really fun dungeon full of death and bemusement. Plus there's a cool comic to go with it and four pre-generated characters that look to be the heroes found within the comic's pages.  In fact the cover of Rolled & Told issue #1 has already been revealed.

What kind of crazy airship adventure is this?

I haven't even read the 4 page write up on the Memorable Mimic Monster yet, but . . . come on . . . the mimic is a classic D&D monster. This is going to be a great read (when I finally get around to it)!

Unfortunately it doesn't look like this one-shot adventure has been brought to Roll 20 yet, or I'd probably spring for it. :(

Anyway, just wanted to say how cool this little free find was and how I had that feeling again . . . you know, the feeling of being a kid who loves D&D stuff and kind of geeking out over issues of Dragon Magazine. (I subscribed to it for a year when I was a kid)

I'll be looking forward to September 26th and checking out my local comic shops to see if they have the latest issue in.

Happy Dueling!

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