Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Test Realm is UP! Azteca Here we COME!

Time to get those test realm game launchers running!

That's right, Azteca was announced today to be KingsIsle's next big addition to Wizard101. Massively and both had great articles today. You should read those ASAP! (You know . . . while you're downloading the test realm.)

HAHA! I remember when I first heard the word "Azteca" a few months ago, and I had to bite my lip the moment I heard about it. I wasn't even near a computer, and I was tying my fingers in knots. Finally I can at least type the word "Azteca." Whew. That's a load off my shoulders.

After you're done reading the Massively and articles about Azteca, you should definitely head over to the Update Notes and check out all the changes incoming to the game. Just to give you a quick rundown of the highlights, here you go:
- Level 90.
- Two more training points.
- Rank 10 damage spells.
- New Astral spells.
- New combat tutorials from everyone's favorite Valencian.
- Transcendent crafting levels.
- And a few other needed changes.
Well, looks like my test realm game launcher is ready to go! I'll see you in Azteca!

Happy Dueling!


Honorary Detective said...

WOOT! I read this yesterday, decided to comment today.

I JUST finished Zafaria for the first time yesterday, about a hour before the announcement! :P

Now I know there will still be a lot to do, now that I can start Avalon soon, then Azteca.. :)

I'm pretty excited about that rank 10 spell! Life finally has a DOT spell, just what I really wanted!

Tara Darkgem said...

So excited!!! Even though I have yet to complete Avalon still XD It looks like fun! Level 90, gonna take forever but it will be worth it. I cant believe that once there was a time where the level cap was 50 and dragonspyre was the last world!! W101's come a long way ;D

kimberly lionheart said...

It will challenge pvp! Craft new gear, new wand. What will become of pvp