Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Contest #1 - Trick or Treating with Team Friendly!

Uber Wife, Friendly, Diaperzilla, Amber, and Kyle went trick or treating together. They each wore a different costume (Malistaire, a Pirate, Morganthe, a Stormzilla, and a Raven). At the end of the day, each of them counted the number of pieces of candy they collected. They each collected a different amount of candy (63, 77, 83, 54, and 84 pieces).

Using the hints below, figure out the costume worn by each member of Team Friendly and the amount of candy each person collected.

1. Uber Wife was not a Raven.
2. The girls' (Uber Wife and Amber) costumes included a Raven and Morganthe.
3. Friendly and Diaperzilla collected a total of 161 pieces of candy.
4. Malistaire collected 77 pieces of candy.
5. A Raven collected 83 pieces of candy.
6. Friendly and Kyle collected a total of 140 pieces of candy.
7. The Stormzilla collected the most pieces of candy.

Fill out the blanks below and send us an email (if you’re 13 or under, get help from an adult) with the answers to to be entered to win one of our exclusive Halloween party packs from KingsIsle!

Uber Wife was ___________ and collected _______ pieces of candy.
Friendly was ___________ and collected _______ pieces of candy.
Diaperzilla was ___________ and collected _______ pieces of candy.
Amber was ___________ and collected _______ pieces of candy.
Kyle was ___________ and collected _______ pieces of candy.

In one week, we will raffle off winners from all the correct entries received, and all email will be deleted after the contest.

Best of luck!

Happy Dueling!


Katherine Light said...

Oh, LOGIC PUZZLES! Excellent contest idea, this is FUN!

Anonymous said...

Pics or it didn't happen! ;)

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Darthever (temp) said...
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Joshua Lionbane said...

id actually do this if i re-downloaded the game but, meh....