Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New House, New Card Pack, New Halloween Craziness!!

News broke today that there was a new card pack in the crowns shop after the longish patch and maintenance this morning. You can read all about the new Nightmare card pack and Halloween goodies from KingsIsle over on the main page.

I was lamenting earlier in the month about how bland the Hallowe'en celebration had become from when we first saw it three years ago. (Also, did you peeps notice that KI is now calling this "Halloweenfest" instead of "Hallowe'en" like they used to? Kind of weird, wish they would have called it something other than "fest," you know? Doesn't seem very creative. Then again, I guess it's better than Halloween-a-palooza, right?) With the new card pack and this new jungle-themed house, we totally got a one-two KO punch today; Halloweenfest is looking more awesome now! Although, I'd love to duel that Spooky Bob for cool Halloween prizes. BRING IT SPOOKY BOB!

First up, let's talk about this new mega giftcard house. Lionrider King is already taking credit for the Zebrifica idea. Hey! I don't blame him! If I had come up with a Zebrifica world and saw this house, I'd do the same thing. ;) I'm just hoping there's a Bullrilla pet for me somewhere in all this excitement. :) Of course, Elie Akilian has been talking about going on Safari over on his Twitter since 8 Jan 2011. Nice, three tweets! LOL.

Bailey was invited to view Jack Skullsmith's house, giraffe pet, and mount by her friend Jason Thundershield this afternoon. Yeah, Uber Wife has connections like that. ;) She had a great time running around and taking pictures of all the amazing things about his jungle paradise.

Here's a picture of Jack on his two-seater mount.

Bailey had some troubles riding on this with Jack, even after adding him as a friend and in a group. Other people seemed to be able to jump on Jack's mount with him and ride around just fine, but it was buggy for Bailey. Hopefully that gets cleared up soon.

Here's another picture of Jack with his awesome Giraffe pet . . . 57 pedigree, hmm. Not too bad! Wonder what awesome talents that thing gets (also wonder what it looks like dancing!)

Apparently if you click on this Bazaar Tapestry, you're magically transported there! That's awesome! Ever since seeing the teleporters, something inside me has been saying, wish I could mark places around the spiral with those instead of just inside my house. Nice implementation there, KI!

The house also features a friendly gorilla who much like the genie in the Sultan's Palace will gift you with treasures once a day. He should be a bullrilla, but gorillas are ok. ;)

Check out the amazing attention to detail in this main room of the house and the awesome carved-looking Lion, Zebra, and Elephant heads adorning the upper tier of this room. Awesome. There's ample room in these houses for all your expert decorating needs.

Just amazing stuff there. The house has other tricks and surprises, and I'm sure I'll be finding more out about it here soon.

Next up is the Nightmare pack.

WOW! Look at this Nightmare mount you can get as a rare find!

That's Conner Mistblade who was dressed as the headless horseman today in his Sleepy Hallow themed house. :)

The Nightmare pack is coming in at 299 crowns, which is 100 crowns cheaper than the regular packs. It's mostly full of treasure cards, pet snacks, specter themed robes, spooky bob themed costumes, pets, broom mounts, and a few housing items. The nightmare mount is definitely the thing you want from those. :)

There I am! Surrounded by my housing items from the few nightmare packs I purchased today. Love that you can get the Halloween decorations now. :) Good news on those pet snacks (don't know if this is going to be changed in the near future or not), you can actually sell and buy some of those new high rank snacks at the bazaar. Be on the lookout for those!

Have fun with all your new surprises! I can't wait to see what KingsIsle has next for us.

Happy dueling!


Elijah Light Thief said...

How do you get those teleporting paintings?

Danny Soderberg said...

Yeah? I can't seem to find them in the crowns shop...

Drew said...

I have been begging for a bazaar teleporter the second i heard about the housing ones! :)

Swordroll said...

Hey Elijiah! You can only get one for Nightide from the Nightmare Pack at the moment, these are simply tests!

Great post, Friendly! I loved the house and mounts, items, etc.

If you're after more pictures, my last post was practically an album. :)

abw7 - Central said...

@ Elijah
If I understand right you can get them from the nightmare pack.

Also People on central are saying that the new house is only in Texas and it's in testing currently. I can't wait for it to come out everywhere though.I heard it's $20 though i'm not sure if this is true, as I live in a different state.

Wolfie Drake said...

Why does W101 Keep Copying World of Warcraft? I started The WoW Hallows end holiday today, and it was amazing! The two seater mount is a copy of the original WoW mount from WOTLK, and looks exactly the same.... Also! FLYING CARPET MOUNTS OMG!! Stolen from tailors is WoW that were made about 3 years ago. Also, the new nightmare mount can be dropped off the lich king... its called invicible... FYI you called KI new, exciting, family friendly, yet you forget wow is now fairly casual and is the "real deal," not just a cheap childrens knock-off...Finally! Check out this site: Wowinsider.com! You would love it and i think you could totally incorporate some ideas from that blog that would increase your blogs appeal... Cya friends!

Stingite said...

@Wolfie: Sorry you feel this way. Maybe this link will help you understand where I'm coming from: World of Warcraft Doesn't Need Me

Stingite said...

To those wondering, the bazaar tapestry comes with the Walmart card. The $29 Walmart card has the hawk, hawk pet, gear, and tapestry. Everything else comes from the new Gamestop card.

Sierra Starsong said...

I don't need any more houses, and pets can be hatched, but I'd love to be able to craft a Bazaar 'port painting!

flash333 said...

This has been all over central the past few days, and they really are cool.
I really like the hawk mount as it looks so cool (now if only we could soar into the sky with the flying mounts).
I do plan on getting both gift cards in the future.
@Sierra, yes pets can be hatched, but by getting the original you'll have the original talents it has, and besides, you can never have too many pets (or houses to an extent).

Anonymous said...