Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ditto at PAX 2011 (interview with Fred Howard)

I've just been watching Ditto's Interview with Fred Howard and a few of the other videos from Ditto as he heads to and arrives at PAX East. These videos from Ditto at PAX are just too good not to cross post-and share.

If you like these videos, be sure to drop by Ditto's blog and leave him some good comments. Also, follow his twitter and his YouTube channel.

LOL Fred almost said the "P" word. HAHAHA! Tsk tsk. Fred, it's "Fabricated American!" :)

Here's just a couple of quotes from the Fred Howard interview that you all might find interesting to discuss.

When asked about what the future holds for Wizard101, Fred responded:
". . . There's certainly new worlds on the horizon . . ."
". . . As our community continues to grow and give us such positive feedback we can continue to invest in expanding the Wizard101 world . . ."

When asked about what advice would you give a new blogger or someone who wanted to start a new website about Wizard101, Fred answered:
"There are a lot of neat and innovative ways to get involved with that [Wizard101 blogging and fan] community. It's a friendly community. Part of it is just going with your passion. I think part of it is working within the community to be helpful. Part of it is to do outreach to understand how a new blogger can help people, and really I think it's to have fun! One of our core tenants at KingsIsle is we have fun. we have fun building and making the games and we have fun with the community. I think if a new blogger keeps that concept of just having a good time and going with their passion, there's a lot of opportunities."

Awesome interview with Fred, Ditto! Thanks so much for posting these. It certainly feels like we're right there with you. Well done!

Happy Dueling!


DittoWizard said...

Thanks Friendly!! So much stuff to go through here, you did a great job collecting all the 'live from the floor' posts...

Jack is AWESOME said...

Oh my gosh ditto! You look so cute on that wall thing in the first video! Your feet and hands are so cute
~Vanessa EmeraldGlade


I agree with ditto there , the dragonspyre arena SERIOUSLY NEEDS a dueling arena!!!! It is with the whole theme of dragonspyre!! Ditto, you are SO lucky, I couldn't go to PAX East. Friendly, me and my friends were goofing off in my the highest cost wizard city house. I was on one of the side seat places and my friends were putting a mock play on. I saw that I could use the gardening spells on the stage where my friends were putting on a play. It was like it was special effects for the play! Lol! So for like half a hour, me and my friends put on a play. For a battle, I would use the rank 1 pest spell for storm, the rank 2 pest spell for balance, and many others. It was funny when I kept on putting the water spell over this one guy. I read your post for the wizard101 magic show. If you do it in the persons house, it might work without a new feature added. We did that until my pet/plants mana ran out . I also found out that you can grow plants on the stages floor . I don't know if you can put a grassy floor floor, put after putting a few plants ( intractable and un- intractable). You can make a forest setting for a play. For different acts, you can simply pick up the stuff, and put new stuff up. When you are setting up, justtell everybody to get out of the stage area, you can block the entrance and set up without people looking at it. The people can go outside and trade treasure cards or whatever. You just unblock the entrance when you are finished setting up, and they can come back in. For the setting, you could put pets that corresponds with the theme , like for the forest setting, put wild animal and life pets, like unicorn , imp, wildclaw, troll ect. You could even charge people treasure cards for it, so you could sell them to cover the gold costs of buying the pets, ect. You could use transformations for it, or the just-able-to-see-mount glitch. I am only a rank 7 gardener, so if you know any other spells we could use, please notify me. This is a idea in progress, so I know there is some faults in there. Could you help me perfect this, this just happened last night.

Hope you like the idea!


Fuzry said...

ditto is FUZRY
(furry and fuzzy mixed)

Blaze Stormthief said...


It's great to hear about the next update! But I have a few questions, and I was wondering if you could answer them for me....

Will the Lvl cap be raised?

How will wizards who have already completed their Lvl 58 School quest receive their Lvl 58 School pet?

And.... why does Grandmother Raven look so grumpy?


Blaze Stormthief