Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awesome Mount Contests

I've been having fun seeing all the mount contests popping up! It also makes me wonder why they are emphasizing mounts on all the fansites, there has to be some kind of improvement or something coming down the pipe about mounts, right? Maybe? Or maybe a ton of new mounts? I mean, remember the gobbler giveaway that accompanied Advanced Pets? What if this was advanced mounts! WOOT! :-)

If they do something cool with mounts, then I need like an additional 20 slots on my backpack . . . wait a second, didn't they just add 20 slots on backpacks? Hmmmm, something's fishy here. ;) Maybe they'll let your mount roam around your house like your pets? That would be awesome!

Anyway, I have no idea--it's probably nothing--but let's see who has what mount giveaway (that I know about . . .)

Central is sporting three giveaways.

Starshine Pony
Royal Lioness (courtesy of Paige's Page)
Batwings (courtesy of the central wiki)

Ravenwood Radio apparently is doing a Sunshine Pony giveaway.

Petnome is giving away Proud Lions.

Awesome Pyromancer is giving away Dark Redwing Dragon Mounts.

West Karana is giving away Manta Rays.

Homework in a Graveyard is giving away Swiftshadow Wings.

Valerian is giving away Chestnut Ponies.

That Pyromancer is giving away Bengel Tigers.

Kestrel is giving away Dream Fillies.

Diary of a Wizard is giving away Sea Turtle mounts.

And I totally expect more to be showing up soon too! YAY!

**UPDATE** Ditto has the Lobster mount! **UPDATE**

Where's your contest, Friendly?!

I don't knowwwwwwwwwww . . . . :) I'm still deciding what to do, actually. Stay tuned . . . April 1-7 is the magic set of dates for most of the giveaways and it's going to be huge (and awesome).

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Between the nightmare and the sun, star, moon horses I have this crazy feeling of school mounts?

Anonymous said...

friendly! i found out what the timers for! its the start of the mount week! xD i cant believe i didnt figure it out before. *grins for no reason at all* and as you say, HAPPY DUELING!(except you dont write it in caps)

Blake Lifewraith

Paige MoonShade said...


Sierra Starsong said...

Free range mounts would be AWESOMESAUCE!! Ooh, and mount training, feed it pet snacks to level up and make it go faster. Maybe even a Mount Derby to go with the Pet Derby. Spring Break in the Spiral, Woooo!!

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards is giving out 15 Chestnut Ponies!


HOORAY! Mount contests! You should absolutely Hvae a contest for those black ponies,
1. They are cool
2.You are a necromancer, ad horses can be "friendly" too!

Is there like a rule that you can only enter one?
i would so enter all of them!


Tabitha Tuttle said...


Anonymous said...

holy wow! i am signing up on all of them! you should have a contest too

Anonymous said...

you are supposed to be giving away moonlight ponies i saw here

Willzahk said...

@Anon: My gosh, I TOTALLY want the Death mount! Skeletal Dragon mount! *drifts away in celestial ecstasy* Anyway, I seriously hope I win! ^_^

Diary of a Necromancer said...

I like Whillzahk's idea of Skeletal Dragon mounts. That would be SO EPIC for Necromancers!!! And like, a ice pony for ice wiz, and a Leviathan mount for storm, and like, for Balance you're riding a Hydra ( I don't really wanna hang on to Ra's back )!!!!! School mounts would be just, too epic.