Monday, June 28, 2010

Three Questions About High Pet Pedigrees and Talents

I have three pet questions that kind of relate to each other, so I'm going to try and answer all three in one swoop.
1- The first comes from Sloan Shadowstaff a.k.a. The Active Necromancer: "I was wondering if it is possible to have a pet with a pedigree of 80. If possibly you could mix pets so much that eventually you would have a pet with all epic abilities. Is there enough epic abilities or could you possibly have two of the same abilities? I know sometimes you may not want a higher pedigree if you are searching for certain abilities for battle or derby (thanks Kevin Battleblood) but it would still be pretty awesome to have all epic abilities for that one pet."

Theoretically, yes, and I agree it would be pretty awesome to have a pet with a big shiny 80 on it next to you. Realistically, I just don't know if we'll ever see it.

And, yeah, I don't know how epic skills that are the same transfer over during breeding. For those who don't understand what we're talking about here, let's give you an example: The friendly dragon's 3rd skill slot for derby is stone wall (adds a barrier to all lanes). The frozen cat's 4th skill slot for derby is also stone wall. Can both carry over into a hybrid pet, so that (if both manifest) I could have a pet with two stone wall talents?

I'm just not sure how that works. Can duplicate talents carry over?

I'm with you, Sloan, I wish I knew. Maybe one of my readers will have some insight to this, or maybe one of them has seen where this has happened?

Personally, I'd love a pet with 4 supercharge skills! But, am, I willing to pay 500,000+ gold to get that pet. Sigh. No. I just have different priorities.

The real issue is cost.
2- The second comes from Danny: "I just leveled up my life wizard to level forty-eight and got the pet satyr. And when it hatched it didn't give me five power pip chance like all the other level forty-eight pets so i leveled it up to teen and it gave crafty instead of the five power pip chance. Is this a glitch or will i just get crafty not the five power pip chance?"

KI addressed this over on Central. Check out Answer 7 on the list.

Answer 7:
The 5% pip talent is a temporary talent given to the lvl 48 pets who existed before the Pet Pavilion was introduced. We decided to give them this flat rate improvement because using the standard pip boost would have necessitated us starting them at a very high level in order to confer the correct bonuses. This talent is being filtered out of the system and will not exist on any new pets.
However, with this in mind, we recognize that earning your lvl 48 pet is a big accomplishment and it needs to be suitably awesome in the game. We’re going to be making changes to the game soon that guarantees that all new level 48 pets will manifest the regular Power Pip talent at some point in their life cycle. The regular Power Pip talent starts with a 1% bonus, but can grow to upwards of 8% as your pet levels and progresses through training games.
As for pets that fall within those two updates, we’ll work out a way to address their shortcomings before we make the update in the coming weeks.

This is both awesome and scary. I have no idea how this will really be implemented. BUT, there's your answer!
3- The third comes from Dragon Girl: "With the new Pet Hatching system, I thought people would be often hatching pets after farming for gold.
Really what this hatching system is all about is getting the best pet pedigree- but I have barely seen one person actually do hatching for that.
I know its neither much of a disappointment or a accomplishment- but I just wanted to point that out. Do you find this weird at all? Have you noticed it?"

Yeah, it seems like hatching right now is all about getting a rare looking hybrid. SPEAKING OF WHICH! Last night Amber Deathsong and Blaze Mistshard combined their Colossus and Satyr pets and Amber got the FROSTCALLER! WOOT!

YAY! We've spent around 400,000 gold already between our characters trying for one of these and this is our first. (Sorry you didn't get yours, Blaze! Maybe next time! /comfort)

But, in the end, I'm not sure it's all about getting the best pet pedigree, or if it's more about getting the skills you want to manifest. You know? Just as is the case with the answer KI gives above . . . the pip boost skill that everyone wants with their level 48 pets is only classified as "ultra rare" yet everyone wants it.

So at the end of the day, I don't think everyone is sold on 100% epic.


Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

Wow... A Frostcaller... Just wow...

justsomeguy said...

I just hatched a Satyr with a Colossus (my partner got an Ice egg) and I got a Jade egg, timed at 21 Hours for hatching, and giving me a Satyr item card, not class specific (not life only). Did I hatch a Frostcaller?

Stingite said...

@justsomeguy: I'm gonna say that it *does( sound like you got a frostcaller from your description. Congratz!