Saturday, April 24, 2010

BOOMS! Uber Wife Finishes the Game!

Well it's been fun y'all! I just wanted you to see my last screenshot I will ever take!

That's perfection right there . . . no need to take any more.

/wipes hands clean

;) Just kidding.

OK, so that screenshot comes from Bailey and Molly's Malistaire run last night! WOOT! We ended up taking Cassandra Griffindreamer (Witchwarrior 101) with us and Travis Emeraldspear. Even though Travis was doing his best to rush us through the most momentous climactic point of the game, we still managed to get a few cool screenshots along the way. hehe. One of which was perfection, as you saw above, I totally should bring back the Unicorn for the pet of the day . . . it should have been official MONTH of the unicorn. ;-)

Check out this screenshot! The wife scores her athame and she snags a screenshot so it looks like she's saying victory. :-)

Nice work pressing the screenshot button, Bailey! Bailey's lucky! Although she was a bit lost in the dungeon (we need to do it a few more times just for fun I think), she did a great job pressing X.

Nice job pressing X, Bailey!

Next up is the obligatory, "OOO! IT'S MALISTAIRE!" picture that everyone takes. :-)

The gals are looking awesome there. Malistaire has no idea what's coming for him.

Check out this panorama shot. You should click on this one to see the awesomeness!

Bailey made quick work of those Soul Servants with her Fire Dragon spell.

We managed to pull off a Malistaire line dance before the fight.

During our line dance/ninja fight with Malistaire, there was a pretty cool one-two punch from Molly and Bailey where Molly cast her Centaur spell back-to-back with Bailey's Helephant spell. We left Malistaire with just a few hundred hit points after that round.

Yup, Cassandra and Travis helped us make quick work of ol' Mally. Before you knew it, Merle Ambrose was telling Bailey Bravo for a job well done. BRAVO!

And the wife did a fantastic job of pressing "done" here.

Yes! NICE WORK PRESSING DONE, BAILEY! DONE! Can you believe it?!

So after leveling to 50, Bailey put on her horrendously pink-colored Malistaire robe, and we all made our way to Cassandra's new Carousel to celebrate. :-)

She charged us for the ride of course . . .

Ok, now . . . Bailey is at work today, and she just sent me a text that she wanted me to add at the bottom of this post. So . . . here goes:

"Bailey wants to give a big thanks to CASSANDRA GRIFFINDREAMER (cue music) and Travis Emeraldspear and to everyone else along the way who has helped her and wanted to be her friend! You guys ROCK!!!"

INDEED! :-) We've come a long way, Bailey! Nice work.

Happy Dueling!


Mythstone said...

Congratz, I remember when I finished, I had a level 46 fire friend, me and a level 24 pyromancer and another lvel 24 dude which was life. You guys took it easy with all master. Still, wish I leveled up me to congratz

Fatal Exception said...

Gratz, upon gratz, to the entire Friendly Family!

Camii said...

Gratz Bailey!

Rose Marie said...


witchwarrior said...

you're welcome for the help!

M.W.S said...

I can't believe it took that long it took me 4 months... Anyway, lol job well done...

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Well done, Bailey!

The Ravenhunter said...

I thought you guys said that I could help with it. :( Oh well, good job Bailey. :I

Mike said...


Dustin MoonCatcher said...

WOOT! Friendly, the wife is TRULY "uber" now. Not a smidgen away, TRULY UBER.

Person who hates Wizard101 said...

People are WAY too geeky when it comes to this game. I mean, adults playing a 10+ game... Seriously. Don't you people have jobs? And friendly, you said that santa brought a playstation 3 for christmas. And you're still on this??!!! The playstation 3 is something that should make you go, "Bye 3 year old game!" Seriously, I'm surprised you people don't get embarrassed from playing this.

Panglou said...

Awesome! Sorry I haven't really posted someone changed the password on my account lol.GRATZ!

Wolf Winterstaff said...

@Person who hates Wizard101- As Friendly made clear a few posts ago, he doesn't care, because it's a fun game. Don't you have anything better to do than going around inciting arguments because you don't like something?
@Friendly-Congrats! Now, of course, comes the fun, farming-for-gear part.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

*ignores hateful person who speaks without knowledge*

Congrats Bailey!

@M.W.S.:Everyone moves at their own pace, some of us are cheetahs, some of us are snails, some fall in between as wolves...we should not judge how long it takes to make a journey, but whether it was enjoyable or not in the time it did take us :)

Trouble Maker said...

Friendly, what? Don't wanna show us her Grandmaster badge, eh?

Jessica said...

Congratz Bailey! You've come a LONG way.

Destiny StormStone said...

@person who hates wizard101
ok this isn't a 3 year old game. 3 year olds wouldnt get trap stacking and using blades and stuff. Srsly, if this was a 3 year old game i would still play it anyway.

CD said...

@person who hates wizard101: Ok, time for your meds.

Natalie Crowshard said...

Awesome job Bailey and Molly!

Anonymous said...

Hey Friendly, please check out my other post on your last blog. It's the 10th comment from the bottom. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! On that last comment I meant 10th from the top! I'll quit posting now!

Anonymous said...

Congratz on making Grandmaster Bailey.