Saturday, July 25, 2009

Heck, Indeed, Hath Frozen Over

It's true!

Today at 2:10 pm, my beautiful, wonderful wife and I actually played Wizard101 together . . . at the same time . . . side by side. I'm marking it down in my calendar.

You may think you understand, but you don't get it. I've played many of these games. TONS of these games. I've tempted her, I've tried to get her just to run through a few quests. Before 2:10 pm on 25 July, the closest I had got was when she dabbled a bit in "the game which shall not be named" on a Sunday many years ago--for just a couple of hours (I still remember the wobble of her female troll shaman . . . yes, it's that geeky and vivid).

But, no, today this was of her own accord!

Let me lay this down for ya: She had made two characters (one on each account) a couple weeks ago and decided to tinker a bit while the baby was napping. I powerleveled her life wizard (Molly Earthsong . . . Amber Deathsong helped pick the name) a couple levels for her on the side. She played her fire wizard (Bailey Skystaff . . . mother of Kyle Skystaff of course) all the way through level 8. (On a side note, she also claimed the cartoon network death beetle pet as her own.)

Today, the kids were taken by the monster-in-law to see the new G-force film in 3D. The newborn was fed and fell asleep.

*clouds part and the sun shines in*

What does my wife do? She logs on Bailey.


I load up Molly Earthsong and before you know it, we're killing Haunted Minions on Triton Avenue.

And we kept going! We finished off the Kraken . . .

We finished off the Harvest Lord . . .

And then baby told us to stop.

*clouds return, but the sunshine remains*

It's one small step for geek, but it's one large leap for geek-kind!

Happy Dueling!


Autumn Duskhunter said...

Gratz! You know what "they" say:

The Family that slays together, stays together!

Welcome to the family, "Mrs. Friendly".

john iceBlade said...

Lol the firecat looks like he is sky diving. Nice to get your wife to play, I can't even get my sister to play lolz

12th Nightmare said...

Good for you, Thomas. Now, remember, don't let her see the dryad picture.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

It looks like the firecat made a skydiving entrance!

Silverheart said...

I want to sky dive that fire cat is so lucky.

Shy said...

OHMYGOSH! Lol,I remember you saying she was playing in Unicorn Way, but now she's really, actually, truly playing?! :O She has seen the light! lol

Sierra Starsong said...

How'd you get that Firecat to jump like that?

stingite said...

yup, the firecat jumped down into the battle circle. LOL. I just happened to be quick on the screenshot button there at that moment to catch it. ;-)

Drakkis_Dragonia said...

Dude that fire cat is wicked. That was VERY good timing.

Tesh said...

Aye, that firecat shot is awesome.

Good to see you two having fun together! My wife tried to play Guild Wars with me, and that pretty much killed her interest in online gaming. :( Our daughter likes W101, though.

Shady said...

Woah time flies FAST!!! lol Baily is now a full grown Grandmaster with an AMAZING crafted house lol and your kid is now 1 year old,It's a growing Friendly-Necromancing family lol