Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Dueling--BASIC video

Check it out! It's a video of Bailey and I playing the BASIC version of Happy Dueling! We sat down with the camera last night and played a hand or two and filmed us.

The ADVANCED version has also been filmed, but I just haven't had time to put words to it. The ADVANCED version has a lot more strategy to it, so it will probably take a bit more time to explain the game in the video.

After I get the ADVANCED version published, I do believe I will be ready to also publish a .pdf of the card game so then you all can print it out and enjoy it yourselves if you'd like!


Happy Dueling!


Kyle Firesword said...

Like the idea Friendly! Can't wait till the advanced version. :)
Kyle Firesword

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King of Death said...

Lol I love the thumbs up part.

M.W.S said...

Very cool and funny...

witchwarrior said...

Jenna: OMG! I'm in there!

Cass: I'll be on next game, Jenna! ;P

Luke Emeraldrider said...

sweet game
Question time:
about the new lv. release, do we expect new spells? Also, do you think Celestia will be a parallel world like Grizzleheim, or one you can get to after Dragonspyre?

-Luke Emeraldrider

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Friendly, do you ever sleep?...lol xD
Anyway, I am surprised, in a way, that KI has never had their own version of this made. It seems like every other gaming site is doing it...so why not Wizard? I'm not much into actual card games myself, but I know many people are, so I bet it would do well. I'd probably buy cards simply to collect and look at :D

Anyway, hey people...check out my updated blog! It's looking real nice now and I got some new pics and a couple video tours of my home and Secret Carnival!


Jessica said...

I'll be playing that, for certain!

Fatal Exception said...

Wow..nice to see the fruition of all your hard work pay off! (And happy to be in the 'winning hand' of the first televised "Friendly Win" of Happy Dueling!) My most sincere gratz on your accomplishments, and may it ever develop!

Ryan Stormcaster said...


Dylan Firegem said...

hey how do you download this/ print it i really want to play it!!!!