Thursday, April 23, 2009

Test Realm Opens to Preview Housing in Wizard101

The wait is almost over! Get your sneak peek of housing now! Here's the press release:

Test Realm Opens to Preview Housing in Wizard101

To our Subscribers and players who have made a Crowns purchase in the last 30 days, we invite you to test out some of our new features on the Wizard101 Test Realm.

We will be looking to you to test out the following additions to Wizard101:

· Housing - Housing and housing item vendors can be found in all the worlds of the Spiral. Decorate your house or your Dorm room!

· Voiceovers have been added for Marleybone, MooShu and Dragonspyre

· Tips will appear to alert you to any items you have received as a reward.

· Run Speed modifiers can be found on Crowns items and as boss drops.

· Markers can now be placed that will allow you to recall back to a marked location.

· New messaging for Dungeons when you enter and if you log out while inside.

· New messaging for Quest drops such as 'Collect Armor'.

· Boat and Balloon rides are now optional.

· Friend Requests show more information about the character.

· The ghosts have fled from Firecat Alley and Triton Avenue to be replaced with different creatures.

If you see any issues with these or other features on the Test Realm, please use the Bug Report button in the game to let us know.

For more information on how to participate in the Test Realm, please see our Sneak Peek Page.

WHAT?! Balloon rides are now optional?! But won't Mr. Personality get lonely now? This is horrible news. I'm loading up test to verify! GASP! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS KINGSISLE!

*walks off in a huff*

Seriously though . . . there's a lot of cool changes in this patch don't you think? Well, except for making ballon rides optional.

*walks off in a huff*


Tipa said...

They're optional! You can still do them!

When I read that, I thought of you :)

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about the fast walk but I think in some ways KI is making it to easy to beat the game what with the questhelper and the marker