Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yeva Spiderkeeper

Ahh, Yeva. With her upwards pointing pony tail, she tugs on my heart strings. I have no idea what type or strength of hair gel this lady must use, but I'm imagining extra strong. What's weird is that it's so floppy when she casts. That's some seriously good hair product. It's probably made from spider web extract since she's a spiderkeeper after all.

I've been dueling her the past month or so whenever I get the chance. You see she has this winged helm I want. It's not even that big of an upgrade, but I do want it. It is the nicest death helm from dragonspyre at the moment.

And so I farm. I farm and I farm and I farm. Farmer Friendly is my name. Oh SURE, Cheyenne gets the helm while she's helping me. Kyle gets the helm on my second account. Do I get the helm?

Well, we will see in the next few minutes as I'm dueling her as I type this. Odds should be in my favor since I've killed Ms. hair bob a TON of times.


Just one more round now. I've got her on the ropes.


Here comes the wraith with a blade, three traps, and a prism. It's a big hit of 2485.

Nope. Two more hats to throw on the fire.


Happy Dueling.


Anonymous said...

Here is something that I have found while farming for items. What has been happening to you won't really support what I'm saying, but this is just my thought on things. Sometimes while I've been fighting bosses, I have gained items according to the type of attack I killed them with. For instance, if I used a helephant, I would sometimes get a fire item. I wish it would work for you, seeing as you want that death helm so bad.

By the way, Great blog!


Anonymous said...

Lol, sorry Thomas! I dont even want the hat. . .
I'd give it to you if I could, but sadly, can't. I'll try and help you later. Lets just hope I dont get it again "P