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An Interview with Cheyenne Darkwhisper

Hello Readers. I have a very special interview today with a very special reader of this blog, Cheyenne Darkwhisper. You may know her for her creative images over on Wizard 101 Central. If you aren’t familiar with them, then please go take a look at her album.

Cheyenne has been a very faithful reader of the Friendly Necromancer and someone who even graces my friend list in game! She’s an all around nice person and a pleasure to be around.

Q: Cheyenne! You’re awesome! How come you’re so awesome!?

A: Haha thank you! You’re quite awesome yourself, with your blog and all "P. Well, actually, I don't have any idea why I'm awesome, lol. I'm just told that I am and as always, I'm very grateful to hear that sorta thing, but I consider myself normal 100%. Ok well maybe not 100% probably like 75%. The rest of the time I'm goofy lol.

Q: It’s not very rare to see a female gamer anymore these days, but it still is somewhat of a rarity. Do you think you’re treated any differently as a female gamer in Wizard 101?

A: No, not really. Sometimes I am but it’s rare. I think of myself as a normal gamer and I guess it rubs off on people ‘cause that's how they treat me. I don’t like to be treated extra special that much. Now and again is nice, but I'd rather be just like anyone else ")

Q: So, back in the day I use to play a female elven cleric in Everquest. And, despite many jokes about it, a female human paladin in World of Warcraft. So, I rocked the female avatars, yo. I learned after a few years of that, that it’d probably be best (and I’d feel more comfortable) if I stuck to male characters. But, my question for you is, What do you think about boys who play girls in an online world? Circle one: Creepy, cute, or other. ;-) You have to explain your answer as well (of course)

A: Lol, well personally, I think its a little creepy. I had that happen to me once. (A friend of mine was a girl and I had no clue.) It’s kind of uncomfortable to me once I know. If I dont know, then obviously it’s not a big deal, but once I know, very strange lol. Probably just because how I was raised is the best explanation to why I think that.

Q: What other games have you played besides Wizard 101, and what do you think sets Wizard 101 apart from those games as one of your favorites?

A: I've only played a few actually. ToonTown Online, Pirates of the Caribbean and Perfect World. I think Wizard101 is by far the best. I think what sets it apart from the others I have played is that it’s more my type of game, I guess you could put it that way. I am into the entire thing: Magic, spells, if it has to do with those kind of things, count me in! I actually started playing because my younger brother was telling me over the phone about this Wizard game he's been playing, and he thought I would like it because I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. As it turns out, I love it just because of that.

Q: I noticed you closed up shop in Wizard 101 for making signature graphics. That’s unfortunate as I was hoping you’d make me something with that special Cheyenne touch! Do you ever think you’ll open shop again?

A: Yes, it was a big sigh moment for me. I've just been really busy lately, and I know a lot of people really loved my shop, and I really enjoy making my creations. I will definitely consider opening it again once things settle down a bit. So much to do, so little time, you know?

Q: If you could explain a bit about where you get your inspiration for your signature graphics, then that would be awesome. Feel free to take a couple of your favorite signatures you’ve made and talk about them.

A: Well, usually my inspiration comes from things I like myself, such as music I listen to or things I see on T.V. Sometimes, I even get inspiration from my dog, Lucky. Yeah, I know, sounds weird. Trust me, weird to me too. I'll just be sitting there, petting him and all of the sudden, he looks up and me and BAM! Idea lol. Also, I get ideas by things I have experienced. For example, the one with the piano that says "Playing on the Keys of My Heart," that is actually a song I wrote when I was taking Piano lessons. That is the inspiration behind that one. So pretty much, when you’re seeing my work, you’re seeing the real me.

Q: Do you create other art outside of these graphics?

A: Occasionally. I sketch sometimes, and paint a little here and there, but honestly, I'm horrible lol. I have no eye for that at all. I have been studying drawing though. Trying to help my eyes "see" better, thus helping me draw better. There is only one thing I can actually draw right now, and its a mouse called a Diddl. It’s quite cute, actually.

Q: I have to tell you that I really love art, poetry, and music. When I go into a game world, sometimes I look for aesthetically pleasing moments that transcend time and place. Really, these games are like walking into a painting where you have it come alive and interact with you. Sometimes I wonder what our great grandparents would think watching us move our avatars around on our LCD flat screens.

In Wizard 101, what do you think is the most artistically pleasing world or area?

A: I would have to say Mooshu. I always feel like I'm stepping into a painting whenever I'm there. There are very few times I experience this, so you know it’s good.

Q: What could make the experience of art in Wizard 101 better?

A: Actually, I'm not entirely sure on this one. lol

Q: So enough about art, How does Cheyenne kick butt and take names in the game? Do you have any special strategy that we could name “The Cheyenne Strat”?

A: Lol, usually I surprise people with my battling skills. Depending on which of my 5 characters I use, I have different battling techniques. If I'm my Death character, Cheyenne DarkWhisper, I will set the enemy up and surprise everyone with a huge, overkill move. If I'm my Life character, Cheyenne PixiePetal, I usually just heal, lol.

Q: Didn’t you recently change your main character to a death wizard? Why? Was it the gothic power vibe? Was it the soloing ability? Inquiring minds want to know.

A: Haha yes, I did change my main from Life to Death. I loved Life, don’t get me wrong, but something about Death just, I dunno, spoke to me. The idea that I could attack big but heal at the same time thrilled me. Soloing, yes that was something that made me sign up for Death A.S.A.P. I hated always having to bug my friends to come help me with questing. I don't like bugging my friends about that kinda stuff, thus one reason I changed. I enjoy having a bigger part of the action, instead of just being known as "The Great Healer." So, I think that would probably be why I chose Death. Probably also ‘cause I have a bit of a Dark side to me.

Q: I see you hovering a lot in the PvP zone watching matches. What are you thinking about in there?

A: Yes, I will always watch, but rarely will you EVER see me in the PvP area. Usually when I'm watching a battle, I'm cheering the teams on, or I'm thinking about how well they battle and take a little bit of that information with me in my battling technique. Other times it’s just a way to pass time because I'm incredibly bored (or lazy).

Q: So if there was one thing you could improve about Wizard 101, what would it be?

A: I think it would be the items, XP, and gold you get in the beginning, as a Novice. The items are ridiculous, if you ask me, and the XP and gold given out is so low, how are we expected to buy anything we really want? I remember when I started my Ice wizard a few weeks ago. I got a really cool outfit (finally) and wanted to dye it. I had been working my butt off for a week trying to get gold. Questing, random battling, you name it. I was doing it, and I never got enough to dye it. So, maybe that.

Q: And what do you think is the most needed change?

A: Hmm. . . tough one. I would have to say the most needed change is how hard Kensington is. This is just a personal opinion though. Kensington is so hard it’s not even funny. Wizards fear it, young and old. I fear it so much, I never do the side quests anymore in Marleybone, for the fear I might get that dreaded quest again.

Q: What would you like to say to our fellow fans and friends in Wizard 101? Are there any special shout outs you’d like to give?

A: I guess I would like to thank, first off Jester and Olivia for making the Central Forums, because without them I would have never met any of the wonderful friends I have today. Also, everyone I have met on Central is so kind and friendly. I would have never been able to get as far without all of them. And last but not least I would like to tell Lee Lee (Lenora, A.K.A TwilightCrystalz ) that she has helped me get through so much. Put up with me during quests or whatever it may be. So, thanks Lee Lee.

Q: Do you have any questions for The Friendly Necromancer?

Cheyenne’s Q: Haha, you never need to ask if I have questions Friendly. First off I want to say thank you for interviewing me, it’s an honor ")

Hmm, I think one question that I would like to ask is why did you decide to make The Friendly Necromancer blog? It’s a great blog with so much information; it’s shocking and makes me wonder how you get so much information?

Friendly’s A: I discovered a long time ago that part of the fun of playing these games for me was writing and thinking about them. Obsessing is too strong of a word. ;-) Back when I was an officer in a couple Everquest guilds, I’d write compassionately about all of our guild-mates in the officer channels. I’d write long missives that dealt with human understanding and how they should play out in a game environment. I like to think I’m kind of an expert of inter- and intra-personal communication (my wife would probably laugh at that notion though /wink).

I use to keep a blog for LOTRO as well (now on permanent hold).

But, Wizard 101, ok, let's go back. You know, it all started with me writing to some old friends about this new game I was playing. They are actually the first four posts on this blog. I think when I figured out that Kingsisle had really put my kids’ safety in mind, yet they made a game that adults could play and like, it was then that I knew this game was worth writing about. From there it just kind of had a domino effect.

Thank you so much for your time! I always look forward to seeing your responses on my blog. Thanks for being a regular and thanks for all you do at Wizard 101 central for the community!


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@ Quinn: Will do, man!

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