Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dragonspyre to be released on the Test Server

This just in . . .

"Dragonspyre Launches on the Wizard101 Test Realm"

For our Subscribers who have completed MooShu and received the Dragonspyre Key, you are invited to preview the newly released world of Dragonspyre on our Test Realm as soon as it is available!

You've been waiting for this, now the challenge awaits you...through the Spiral Chamber door.

Please remember this is a Test Realm. Not everything is in place yet, and anything you do here will not affect your live characters.

For more information about who can play on the Test Realm, and how to access it, please visit our Sneak Peek Page

See you in Dragonspyre!

I'm going to go load up the test server now at 12:30 am (that's after midnight) and go see if Dragonspyre is available. More to come!

Happy Dueling!

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