Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Game Portfolio -- Battle Bows

Battle Bows

  • Release Date: July 2023
  • Current Availability: Oculus and Steam (Playstation in work)
  • Release Credit Category: Design Credit
  • Company: WIMO Games
  • Business Model: Paid Game
  • Category: VR 
  • Genre: Wave Shooter Defense
Personal Development Notes
  • Fun Fact: WIMO gifted all employees a fun plushy based on the Speedster character in Battle Bows. They handed us these really cool gifts as a part of a company-wide fun day at a nerf gun arena. Good times all around!

  • Job Highlights: I transitioned out of working on outsourced mobile games to strictly working on VR games in March 2022, and then full production hit in late 2022. Things went much faster with an entire dedicated team and some funding behind it. 

    Besides working on Pitch Deck Creation and presenting the pitch to both internal and external audiences, I was also responsible for GDD creation, level design, enemy design, game balance, and more including daily playtesting and feedback.

    I had a lot of fun being this game's internal cheerleader at our company All Hands Meetings where I was able to update the WIMO team on monthly status during development. 

    For more on Battle Bows level design, see here: Level Design

  • Best Memory: I had the honor to be part of the initial team that led the charge to experiment with WIMO's first VR game, and yeah, I absolutely look back to those days with fondness. There's nothing quite like shooting a white polygon noodle out of a controller like it's an arrow. 

  • Other Comments: The game turned out great and has been polished and optimized with a lot of care. The game also considers those that may get sick in VR with some built in accessibility features -- you won't have to move around much, further minimizing VR sickness. With its accessibility, multiplayer, and fun style, we're hoping it makes a great party game that the whole family can enjoy. Our first major update to the game is coming soon!

Sample Gameplay

As a part of the launch I was asked to make a developer video showing players some tips and tricks on how to do well in the game. 

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