Thursday, May 19, 2022

A Wonderland in VR: Down the Rabbit Hole

I've watched / played / experienced Alice in Wonderland in some incarnation or another maybe a dozen times? Maybe more if you count all the times I've been on the Alice and Wonderland Ride at Disneyland. In fact, most of that comes from the times when the only thing my youngest wanted to do was watch Disney movies over and over and over.  

Love the broken ladder forming the "H"

Down the Rabbit Hole is everything you'd expect it to be and nothing at all like you'd expect it to be. It's a VR game that relies heavily on the diorama view of the world where you are the disembodied camera looking down on a cute scene, and I do mean cute! It's a very charming world.

The most intense Doll House you've ever been inside

The really inventive "treat" we get as players comes from HOW you view these diorama scenes as you are literally climbing down a rabbit hole with each new puzzle you solve. There are vines you can cling on to in order to move up and down the scene. It's incredibly charming and fun. 

Looking up at the many layers of the Rabbit Hole

Unfortunately with a title like "Down the Rabbit Hole," I don't know why, but I was expecting something a bit more sinister akin to American McGee's Alice circa 2000 where everything has a bit more of a sinister twist.  This isn't that game.

This game is a VR puzzle game that is everything you'd expect from a game about the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland, and all the standard characters are present and accounted for. Re-playability for the game comes from finding all the invitation collectibles and in a branching story path with choices that basically lead to the same conclusions.

I have to be honest here though . . . thank goodness for quest walkthrough videos!  I would have never realized I could grab the giant tart with my controller and physically hand it to the king's hand. I just wasn't making the mental leap needed for that.

Playing cards mark where story choices were made

All in all, Down the Rabbit Hole was a pretty charming game with an interesting presentation. Loved that you were actually playing a diorama styled puzzle that descended down a hole in the ground. That made for a really unique experience.

Happy Dueling!

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