Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Blocked at Level 100/100 in Runes of Magic

So, last weekend on Friday, it happened! I was just doing some simple quest in Splitwater Coast while working through the new Spirits of Despair quest line. Bonus experience was again turned on last weekend, so leveling came relatively quickly. The moment I hit 100 on my Rogue to complete my 100/100 level felt mid-breath. One moment I was getting supply sacks to give to the commoners, then the next moment it all changed.

I'm just a simple vampire riding his spider, helping farmers with their supply sacks until . . .

I immediately received a pop up that told me to stop what I was doing, head over to Veranas, and talk with Leya Peak, who was in charge of giving the quest for peak experience. So that's exactly what I did. I transported back and talked to Ms. Peak about her Peak Quests.

You might say she's well read . . .

I accepted her quest and was immediately greeted with a complex task. Defeat 3 bosses on hard mode in the highest dungeon of the highest zones in the game.  These were zones I hadn't even taken a step in, but the rumors of the difficulty of Vortis had not fallen on my typically deaf ears . . . and I was confused.

That's . . . not as simple as it sounds . . .

I headed over to the guild's discord to ask how one coordinates this task that seemed insurmountable, and I was greeted with the cries of "READ THE GUILD ANNOUNCEMENTS." So I read the guild announcements and found that there was . . . another way! DUN DUN DUN!

That's right. You don't HAVE to do this horrible quest to defeat Zeyj, Sunlight, and the Phantom Anubis, but instead there is a slower and easier way, and that is this: there's a guy who will give you a quest once every two hours. You might be able to do it, you might not. Good luck . . . this is all just part of the grand roadblock between level 100/100 and level 100 (1) / 100.

Basically, you go talk to the Mystery Hermit in Logar (dude's across the way from the Snoop portal on a hill), he has a new target every two hours.  If you finish it, he gives you 3 peak fragments. You exchange 12 peak fragments with the Donkey Merchant next to the Mystery Hermit for an endless star energy. You can get all 3 endless star energies this way instead of doing the hard mode bosses to finish the Peak Level quest.

Me and all the other fools hanging out with the Mystery Hermit and his Donkey . . .

It's now been 4 days since this happened to me, I have 9 peak fragments as of this blog post. Yup. 3/4th of 1 out of 3 star energies. So, the reality here is that most targets from the Mystery Hermit are out of my league for soloing. My lucky 3 targets so far have been a boss in the Heart of the Ocean instance, a boss in the Origin dungeon instance, and (. . . and this is just weird, but appreciated) 30 level 5 bears in Logar.

So, if things keep proceeding the way they have, it'll be half a month before I can proudly exclaim that I have completed this quest. What this has done to me as a player is as follows:

- Completely stopped high level questing.  If I'm going to quest, I don't want to miss out on the exp for peak levels. I'll do low level quests on my 3rd class of knight, which is now level 41. (So technically my levels right now are 100 Rogue / 100 Mage / 41 Knight)

- Increased my daily mini-game playing. While I'm stuck and can't quest, I definitely can play mini-games to earn Phirius Shells, so I can buy a few epic rarity level 100 items from vendors. Malatina the clown, Lylia the child house decorator, Andor the trainer, Mahler the goblin hunter . . . all those crazy weird mini-game types . . . they're my best buds these days.

- Typical Daily Quests are still ok. To play mini-games, you need to do your daily quests because the mini-games all cost Phirius Tokens, which you can really only earn in the mini-games themselves or through daily quests. This is also supplying me with some gold, which is needed for buying crap at the Auction Hall.

My new favorite Daily Quest spot -- 40 seconds to completion

- Logging on every two hours while I'm awake.  Every two hours, I gotta just check to see who's up. Just dropping in to check the Mystery Hermit is my new jam.

- Behold . . . Mirrorworld. I didn't even know this was a thing until yesterday.  I was complaining about how difficult it is to level my pet, and my guildies started giving great advice like they always do. One of them was to make sure to do my Mirrorworld runs everyday.  I'm like . . . what's that? As it turns out, it's a little side system full of mini-solo dungeons where you earn currency to buy stuff like Golden Eggs. Go figure. You can run three Mirrorworld dungeons for free every day.

I probably should also start working on my tradeskills at this point to help feed the money beast. I guess if I'm REALLY bored I'll do that as well. 

Until then, I'll be waiting patiently at the roadblock.

Happy Dueling!

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